Chicken and Religion

I can’t take anymore of this Chick-Fil-A business, I really can’t. SO! If you read my facebook posts, you’ll know how I stand on this issue, and if you don’t, then I’ll put them here as bullet points.

1) Yes, I’m a gay man. And I still like the company, because I believe in the liberty and freedom to have your own ideas.

2) Veryย  SLIPPERY slope to take when you decide people should be silenced for your opinions. AND! The organizations you support.

3) Today, its them, tomorrow it could be you and me.

4) Not interested in reading stories about people being beat up because they were gay and Chick-Fil-A is responsible. Its a bullying tactic…the same ones we are trying to combat. Makes us a bunch of hypocrites. That company has in NO WAY endorsed a physical maiming or death.

5) I see this as a fight against their religious beliefs, for which is a monumental disaster for anyone who attempts to win this. Do I agree? No. Do I allow? Absolutely.

6) Do not assume for a moment that taking down this company sends a message. It ruins the livelihoods of thousands of people who could care less about the CEO’s opinions.

7) Its a CHICKEN SANDWICH. Its not a political PERSON who has the right to vote upon the actual laws that decide whether or not gay people have rights. And I promise you, if you try and tell me they spend their money on organizations that support those persons, I’ll shoot you down with a quick, “Referendums decide the rule of the majority, not sandwiches.”

8) Going to this restaurant on 1 Aug and ordering a water is a stupid, trite, and unimpressive way to make your point. You’re showing your ass. Progressive is starting to look more like AGGRESSIVE> I.E. Think like we do, or we’ll destroy you.

9) The last point I want to make? So very VERY few, not nearly a one who has decided to cause a stink over this whole issue has ever even eaten there, which again goes back to my biggest point….

10) Its Chick-Fil-A today…..and could EASILY be you tomorrow.

Oh! And I was told, “Enough with the Fox blah blah blah, get back to your knitting.”
Well, knitting for 16 hours a day can tend to leave you to your thoughts. And just because someone has an opposition to the trendy norm doesn’t mean it came from a media source. It comes from common sense. And that the laws of free expression and religion should be held to the test even when you DON’T believe in them. Silencing anyone leads to a perpetual dismissal of this our wonderful Constitution.




  1. I wish more people had your common sense! Very well said! I do not agree with them, but before I knew their stance, I didn’t go there because I didn’t like their product. Pure & simple. The owner is 91! What do people expect someone of this age & generation to believe?

    1. Ummm, this isn’t supposed to be a joke, but its the only time I eat a pickle ๐Ÿ™‚ SERIOUSLY! I love their food, I love the way they treat their employees, and there is one in Orlando that I’ve seen back and forth for ten years with THE SAME EMPLOYEES. I trust their food, I trust the safety of it.

  2. I applaud you for stating your feelings and beliefs in no uncertain terms. And I applaud Chick-Fil-A for holding to theirs … with one small exception: the same scripture in Leviticus that appears to condemn same-sex relationships (although that is much in question in regard to historical interpretation) also condemns the touching or consuming of swine in any form. CFA serves both bacon and sausage on their breakfast menu. I’d have more respect for their stand if they were consistent, even though I would still decline to agree with it. And yes, I’ve eaten at CFA. And no, I don’t plan to boycott them. Waste of time, and they do have the freedom to follow their conscience. I just have to wonder why they’re so selective about doing that. Love you … you know that.

      1. Exactly. And that’s the book they and most others use to explain their stand on same-sex relationships. In which case, take all or none. Not arguing, I just don’t like hypocrisy.

  3. i love that you are allowing cfa’s right to freedom of speech….it does not mean we agree but that we respect the opinions of others. there is too much hatred in this world…and most of the haters don’t even know why they are hating…
    i also love the bears that you are knitting…and yes, i do plan to purchase one from you…..
    keep on keeping on…..joanne

    1. At some point I fear that the majorities desire to silence will quickly turn into something appallingly wicked and with this issue we set a precedent. Its a privately held company who hasn’t changed its philosophies in decades. And now? Now, there is something a little more sinister at work. “We don’t like you, we want you to leave.” Which isn’t far off the mark from the whole bullying epidemic.

  4. Totally. If you don’t agree with the stance of a company, fine, don’t patronize their establishments. Take the high road and instead of trying to destroy people that oppose you, use your energy and time to further causes you believe in. Volunteer for campaigns of representatives you want in office. Spread positive awareness, enact change. Be a hero, not a vigilante.

      1. And I have to say, I hate that THIS is the argument the gay community has come up with. And bandwagoneers far and wide are tending to it like a simple bumper sticker. We have SO many other complaints to land into viral hands, and we come down to “MY chicken sandwich isn’t gay friendly.” How arrogant and stupid.

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