Dancing In My Under Pants

What a night. I’ve been dancing about in my underpants.

Let’s start where it ought to be, the beginning. You know I’ve been having some nerve issues with my hands and such, bleeding into my shoulder blade and down my left leg. And after a solid 10 hours of knitting yesterday and another 6 this morning, I couldn’t take anymore. I did some reading, resting my digits and such until I felt I could handle the needles again, but it wasn’t working, it was frightfully causing things to go worse. If you could see my hands at rest, they look like they’re clutching tennis balls.

Dreadfully hot, and with a waterspout popping up out the window, I raced outside and saw the monstrous things tear through the water, slip and slurp all it could in its pass and suddenly dissipate. I took one photo and camera went dead. But, there you have some evidence of an afternoon that had me thinking….rest is endlessly bothersome to me. Action is what makes these bones of mine work right, these nerves of mine to connect properly again.

With it being  a heat index of 115, I decided to strip down. If you need the visual, its me in sport briefs and boots…and ballcap. I wanted to move, I wanted to be active….in my urban days, a trip to the club to dance would have worked. In Berlin it was Linientreu, in Orlando it was Barbarella, Savannah had Goth Night at Club One.  With one of those available at the moment, there was no other option. I had to dance here, alone, strictly in my undies and plagued with no pain, but the loudness of the music.

So here I was just a short while ago, headphones added to the garments described before dancing my heart out to some Siouxsie, Sisters Of Mercy, Skinny Puppy, The Smiths (I tighten my laces for them), and some Nitzer Ebb.

I haven’t felt this good in years.

Oh, and what was I reading earlier, you ask? Well, I think I’ve met my match. By random occurance, I met a man who knits, who is deeply devoted to his buddy of a cat, of Scottish descent, and an amazing writer who has intolerable issues with isolation and loneliness. Here I was thinking I was the only one….Were he not in San Fransisco, I would easily ask him to dinner…..

….but since he is 3,000 miles away, I’d like to publicly introduce you to him. And perchance, we may in some way get to meet at the top of the Empire State Building. Click on his photo to read his blog. Next up? Tomorrow I’ll be sharing with you Beth’s Bear and The Brave Little Owl’s blog. You don’t wanna miss it. I’ve been working this up for days…

…Ok, I feel like dancing a bit more.





  1. Gregory, does ice help your hands and shoulders? It seems that the constant knitting is probably what is causing the problems. I had carpal tunnel and tendinitis from the repetitive type of work I did for many years. There are stretches you can do that may help, such as putting the palms of your hands against the wall and pushing your body weight into them. That stretches out those tendons in the wrists. There are other stretches, too, but I’ve forgotten what they are. I’m sure they are googleable, though. By the way, I took the two cute bears to my granddaughters this week, and gave the older one (age 4) the choice of which bear to give the younger granddaughter (age 3 months). I told her the one she chose for her sister was named Gregory, and the one she chose for herself was Patrick…but all she heard was “Pa..” and she instantly named him Paddington. Oh well, I tried.

    1. Jackie! I’ve been messing around with some tai chi and if I get the money to go back to Orlando, there’s an acupuncturist there who is amazing, I’ve used before and know would fix me right up. There’s no such remedy like that here and I won’t be handed pills for pain. I just won’t do that. The tai chi is helping some, but I really can feel this point behind my shoulder blade that when I press on it, my body goes limp and all feels so much better. Glad your little grand babies love the bears and I don’t mind being confused with one of the most famous bears in history! Wouldn’t that be great? The Teddy, The Steiff, The Pooh, The Paddington, The Ruxbin, The Gregory Patrick?
      I’m going to experiment with your wall technique. Thank you!

  2. well how wonderful knowing you have a kindred spirit! It would be so great if you could both meet! Enjoy your dancing….. love and hugs to you and Mario xx

  3. Great pic of the waterspout! I saw pics of it on Accuweather, and when I read “St. Simons Island”, I immediately wondered if you had seen it too.

    Ditto to bluelaker4 and the idea of stretches. I work as a gardener, and if I don’t stretch, I seize up pretty fast. Some of the repetitious motion is like knitting, when I’m pinching weeds and pulling them with my fingers, over and over. My hands can also feel like they’re permanently curled around tennis balls. I got my stretches from the book Stretching, by Bob Anderson. I interlock my fingers, turn my hands inside out (palms facing out), and stretch my arms straight above my head. Hold for 30 seconds. Then I curl my fingers in, but only the top two knuckles (not a fist), squeeze, and hold for 30 secs. Then interlock fingers again behind my back, and raise my arms as high as I can. That one is good for the shoulder blades. There are lots more. I’d recommend that you get the book from the library and check it out.

    Used to do tai chi too, and I use the warmup “screwing lightbulbs” exercise to limber up my wrists and fingers.

  4. Wow, he’s a cutie 🙂 Dancing in your underpants sounds like fun! Sadly, in the world of “momdom” I can’t do that….My son, however, hangs out in his underpants all the time. Oh, to be 5 again!

  5. You make me wanna dance in my underpants! Oh, wait. I did thay a few minutes ago! I love that you are so open, and candid. Inspires me. EVERYTIME. Sorry your hands are giving you hell. My hubby, and I have both been there. He is a musician, and I am an obsessive wire wrapper. I spent a year crocheting and wire wrapping obsessively only to stop abruptly. He followed suit, sadly. Both of us have suffered significant “withdrawls” hand cramps. Like our muscles were missing the repetition it was so accustomed too. Slowly but surely I got better. Shay still has some pain here and there, but it is usually the day after he plays his guitar all day. I hope you can get back to knitting soon!! I love your “Gregory Patrick Originals!”. -jd

  6. Hi Gregory,
    I have brought some Therapeutic craft gloves that help my hands when I knit or crochet. I brought a pair for my partner too, because he plays the bagpipe. It help his hands alot. The brand I got is Handeze Therapeutic Craft Gloves. I don’t remember the cost but it worse the investment.

    Love and Huggs,

    1. I’ve seen those at the yarn shop. I think I’m gonna have to give them a go. I really wanna head down to Orlando to see my accupuncturist tho, and hopefully use those gloves to prevent this from happening to me again. PS! Read your message about you receiving your bear. I’m so glad you love him and that you’re making clothes for him. I think that’s freakin awesome. 🙂

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