Cat On A Hot Grill

Let’s get the skinny. This just might be one of those damnable blogs where I shout, spout, and spit when I write, but there you have it. I write from the heart.

I hate this friggin island. I do. Ok, its not the island of St. Simons, but the island I live on, just touch west of it. Yesterday I had to buy groceries. A grizzling 6 mile bike ride in 110 degree weather to fetch some food that had me feeling I was doomed for a heart attack once it was over. My clothes were appallingly soaked with my sweat and I had to recuperate for at least two hours before I could function again. And beyond that? I was still tired by 7:30 and had no choice but to rest in bed and doze off by 8:30 while watching my faves. I tweeted that I was turning into an old woman before you. Knitting my bears while watching Keeping Up Appearances and Are You Being Served. I had more errands, but decided to tend to them today instead.

…well, look at that. I woke to find another tropical wave dousing me with hours and hours of rain….I wouldn’t be going anywhere. Not a spot. I hate it here. I want to be over THERE, on the OTHER side of the water where I can walk two blocks to buy food, and three blocks more to mail my teddy bears. Forgive me if I sound like I’m bitching, but if I can’t tend to the basics of survival and shipping, then I’m outta here. Can’t take it anymore. If I have to leave St. Simons, then so be it. Anywhere else would be just fine, just let me have TWO luxuries….let me be able to walk to my destination, umbrella in hand if necessary. But, biking 6 miles in either heat, wind, or rain over the ocean isn’t doing me any good.

I received a package yesterday. I THINK I know who its from, but have yet to hear back. A lovely shelving of Amazing yarn by Lionbrand. No, that’s really the name of the stuff. AMAZING. If you recall, I made up a bear using the stuff a few weeks back and it came out wonderful. To begin with, no two bears using this yarn ever look the same, its just the way the coloring works out. There were some awesome….scuse me….AMAZING colored skeins in this box, so when I woke at 5 this morning to find the rain and radio telling me, “You ain’t going no where, skinny man,” I decided to play with it. And BOOM! Another Amazing bear is born. If you’d like him, here’s the link. He looks so different from the last one. Similar, but different. The shades and where they rest are all random….A bit like our lives, really. I do urge you to get him.

Then! And you’ll have fun with this one. At some point I decided it was fair enough for Mario to go on the balcony. She really loves it out there. Nothing bothers her, she can’t bother anything, and its two stories up, so doubtful she would jump and dash and leave me. She sits out there often, these last few days, soaking up the air, loafing about and generally keeping to herself, which is good! I have hard time keeping her off my lap when I’m knitting…..only because she seems to get insanely comfortable at JUST the time I have to pee.

Anyhow, I have been allowed the camera  few more days so I can take pics of more bears and other random things, because I want off this bloody island. And as I was taking pics of this new Amazing Bear, I get a knock at the door. My neighbor came by to let me know Mario was on her balcony. No rudeness, nothing crude, there was actually a quick smile. (this is a no pet facility so I have to be careful). And with camera in hand I took the cutest damned pic I’ve seen of Mario in an awfully long time. It was as if she looked at me and said, “Look! The island is JUST on the other side of that WATER.”

People laugh when I tell them, “No. She really is the size of a coffee brick.”



  1. Love your rant and the photo of Mario; she is SO tiny! And the Amazing bear IS beautiful!
    Question – I bought the pattern and noticed you went down 3 needle sizes for the basic pattern. Do you recommend that for any yarn used? 3 needle sizes down from the label recommendation?

    1. GOOOD question! Yep, it isn’t the recommended needle size on the skein, but you’ll see that the stitches are closer together, without any strain on the yarn. Fisherman’s wool is VERY compliant. I’ve actually done this bear with size 3’s just to see how much smaller the bear would be. Came out fine, just too small (10″). I can’t say the same for other yarn, tho. Only because I haven’t tried it.

  2. You know i dont have time to do much with work and the kids and lets not forget max my dog but let me tell you i look foward your post every other day i think you are interesing guy and i just love your blog

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