Just A Second…

I’ve had a rough week. Someone close to me is gone.

I dont have very many friends. I really don’t. And the one’s I have, I’ve held close for at least a decade. Maybe that’s my litmus….if you can stand being around me for that long, then i’ll let you in my heart.

I don’t do well with death. You’ve seen that. I don’t do well at all.

So, just let me say, forgive me for not having been available. I’ve been in my thoughts. I’m trying to surface back into life, doing what I can on the outside to make due with the turmoil on the inside. Its hard to lose someone. And no amount of support makes it better….it just doesn’t.

If its ok with you, I’d rather not have people leave comments for this post. I just wanted to let you know where I was and how I was. I’ll be fine. I will. I just need a second….



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