Biscuits, Baby. Biscuits!

My body is finally starting to feel better. For the last week, this back issue of mine progressed to that point where I couldn’t turn my head without some crazy pain, got all crabby and cranky because lifting a coffee cup was just so freaking difficult, that I didn’t get my usual caffeine fix. So, I rested in a canyon of pillows, not to keep the bed soft, but to prevent me from turning over when I fell asleep. I’d wake at night sometimes moaning.

Sunday, my mother, concerned and wanting to do something made dinner for me. Ham, potato salad, brussel sprouts, fried green tomatoes…and biscuits. Do you know how long its been since I had a meal like that??? A nice, big, beautiful Sunday dinner….with a biscuit! I don’t have an oven, so its been SOOOO long since I had a biscuit, or cornbread and I have to tell you, after that wonderful delicious meal, I slipped myself in that canyon of pillows on my bed and smiled myself into a nice sleep.

I caught myself feeling better yesterday, and could tell a little more rest and I’d be back in tip top shape. And I’ve been anxious because I have been BORED. Not able to knit, not able to hold a book in my hands, not able to write, I was just….pissy. But outside, I spied this great rainbow hitting the boats and SNAP! I was out of bed to take a picture. What a great moment that was, that vision outside, that feeling that I was getting better. So here I am. 🙂

This bear is going to be called Clara. Clara sent me all of that great Amazing Yarn from Lionbrand and I wanted to do a shout out to her in the name of this bear. Great shades of purple and dark pink that blend together in this very impressive variegation. I love this yarn, I really do. So, the little bugger is for sale, for like I said, no sell, no eat. Just click on his pics to adopt this bear and give it a home.

Next blog?

Can’t wait to tell you about ants in my pants….no kidding!!!!



  1. Glad you’re feeling better. I trapped a nerve in my back yesterday just by walking upstairs, WALKING! Not running, jumping, walking on all fours or even skipping…just one foot in front of the other walking. The pain was so bad I couldn’t breathe properly as it felt like a band was tight round my chest. Luckily my friend Mike is good with shiatsu (?) & managed to get it to let me breath again so that’s nice!! Am now on painkillers and covered in heat pads So I have total sympathy for your back problems and am glad you’re knitting again, loving Clara. And the rainbow is beautiful, it a symbol of hope and to never give up, no matter what. Xxx

      1. am now lathered up with arnica and tiger balm! Hope your back continues to improve, try and have a rest for a bit, the bears will wait. x

  2. So glad you’re starting to feel better. Mama’s cooking will do the job every time. Beautiful bear, kiddo, and the rainbow is perfection, of course. Get healthy ……..

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