The Winding Down

Ok, its been a little more than 48 hours since I’ve been able to walk around again with the back issues. I’ve been working on a big order for Taryn, and another for Petina Decorative Finishes…..and I’m feeling it again. Up the neck, down the leg.

I’ve been thinking an awful lot today and I need some time away from the teddy bears. I really do. I’m going to finish up the orders I have, then I’m going to put the needles down for a while. A LONG while.

I did really well at Christmas last year, but I won’t be able to continue unless I walk away and let my back not sit for 16 hours a day hunched over knitting them. I really wanna finish “Will Knit For Food” and have it ready to go by 1 oct 12. I just need to put the bears down for a minute and work on that book. Now, I live off of $600 a month. People think its not enough, but that’s the reality. So, I’ve started an indiegogo campaign to help take care of a month and a half of NOT knitting teddy bears and working on the book. After that, I’ll get paid the following month for book sales once its released. By then, it’ll be November and I can do some teddy bears for Christmas.

…by then I’ll decide if it is time to put the bears aside, or see if my body will let me continue. I might just wind down and retire them. Or I’ll be able to do well with the indiegogo, work on finishing this book, and rest for a minute.

But, as hard as I work everyday, it isn’t working for me physically and I need to start figuring out what to do.

If you’d like to see something more about my indiegogo campaign, click here.

or if you’d like, you can just donate here. Either way, it looks like the next 2 or 3 weeks be my last few knitting teddy bears for at least a month or two.
Or grab a bear in my shop.



  1. I often wondered if all that repetitive small knitting ever bothered you. I know that I need to have a couple of projects going so if one starts to hurt me, I have another to pick up. Healing thoughts coming your way!

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