A Marsh Bear for the Fellas

I’m up later than normal this evening. Despite the nerve and back pains, I’m pushing myself harder than usual. I want to get as many bears out before I put them away for a while. Hopefully, I’ll pick them back up again in a few months, but for the next couple of weeks, I need a hiatus to heal, tend to myself better, work on “Will Knit For Food,” and enjoy some small rewards here and there.

I really can’t wait for “Will Knit For Food” to be finished. Its a very interesting piece. For instance, most of the dialogue is between me and Mario. With no one around but her for the 6 months we were out in the woods, there was no one else to talk to. So, I’m up late tonight, purposely over doing it so that I can start resting my beat up hands and back VERY soon.

So, its knit a piece of a bear and sew him up, walk around a minute (GOD ITS MUGGY OUT TONIGHT!) and sit at the keyboard and work on “Will Knit For Food.”

The bear I finished tonight is once again made from that great Amazing Yarn from Lionbrand. Except this stuff yielded great drives of brown and olive green, a splash of bright, then folding back into deeper, darkier, earthier tints. In many ways, this bear reminds me of the marshes in winter time. I’ve always said I enjoyed the marshes much more than the view of the ocean. The colorways shift from brassy to golden, with a middle hued glassiness of the water covered in ecru grasses.

He’s a little more masculine in color than some of my other bears, so I’m dedicating this one to all my fellow knitting fellas, the guys who support my craft, the gents who offer advice.


This bear is for the men who knit, to whom I am proud member. From Tim Tenclay to Thom Sinclair. From Barry Little, to Jacob Gallman Dreiling. From Ray Whiting to Crafty Andy and all the other guys I haven’t mentioned. Thanks, fellas. Its a great club to be in.


He’s a one-of-a-kind, won’t be another one like him. So, if you’d like to take him home, just click here.



  1. Just wanted to tell you that the Red Rose Tea page on Facebook has updated to say that Today, Sunday 09 September, is Teddy Bear Day. I thought of your adorable little bears, and hope you sell a bunch to celebrate

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