The Last Amazing Bear


Whew! I can’t thank all of you who helped to contribute to “Will Knit For Food,” and later today I’ll be sending you all copies of “Mad Man Knitting,” and thank you notes.

I don’t have much time right this second. Been up since about 4am. Haven’t been sleeping much. Trying to get everything finished. The funding from the Indiegogo campaign should be in my account the last week of the month, and in the meantime, there are tons of things to take care of. I have bears to finish, and a manuscript to send to Mama Judy, who has offered to help me edit the bugger of a book. So, I’m ready for a nap soon 🙂

Now, this is going to be the last Amazing bear I’m going to do. That yarn Clara sent (thank you!) is about done and this is what was born from those great days knitting up those great looking bears. I don’t have access to the camera, so I had to get creative and use the webcam. Ok, so the quality isn’t as good, but look at that face. What the hell? How can you not love that FACE?????

He’s totally machine washable and ready for a home. If you’d like to adopt him, click here.

OH! and I don’t dare take pics of myself right now. Having been so busy I’m disheveled and unshaven. I look a touch like a redneck ruffian…..’cept, I don’t think real rednecks would know the word “ruffian.”

Anyway, grab the bear! I’ll be posting again later today after a much needed sleep. 🙂



  1. Okay, we HAD to have him for the Boy Bear Brigade. We have Brownie, Buddy, Mo, and now Barney. They’re joined by the bear John sent me for my birthday this month, Miss Ivy. Together they make up the Bear Essentials and they make us inordinately happy when we see them lined up together on our big California King sleigh bed.

  2. By the way, if we come across someone in need of a bear, Kim says Mo and Barney could be “donated to the cause.” We’ll SEE about that … !!!

  3. Please don’t stop making bears. The world needs more of your bears. You are so talented, it would be such a shame if you stopped knitting.

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