Old Spice and Dixie

So some things just happen so serendipitously (big word for a Sunday, huh?) that you just laugh laugh laugh. Now, this story might come across as a touch gross for some, but I can’t hold back from, because it’s just too ironic and cool not tell you know how the whole thing went down.

I’ve become friends with a lovely woman on facebook named Dixie La Pierre, a very cool girl with a heart of gold. I was talking with her online one day when she asked if she could send Mario some cat treats. I was like, “Sure! She’d love it!” I’ve had gift boxes sent from people before. Rachel actually sent me one not too long ago with some things for me, but more importantly, a baggie of q-tips for Mario. Those are her favorite toys. Dixie asked if there was anything I needed and I thought about it and felt, no there isn’t something I NEED, but in jest I said, “But, if you get a free sample of some Old Spice Aftershave, send it my way!” I’m a southern boy, its part of my genetic heritage, I guess. It reminds me of my grandfather. It reminds me of an older time in our American lives when strong men smelled of Old Spice and brilcreme.

Anyway, I asked Dixie not to go through too much trouble, or spend a lot of money, and she assured me that she had free samples of kitty treats she would send me. Cool!

Fast forward a few days later…..Its rainy, its nasty, its gross outside. There is no way I’d be able to take the six mile bike ride to get to the store for anything…..ESPECIALLY toilet paper. Man! Come on! Of all days to run out, THIS would have to be the day??? Are you kidding me with this????? (Holds up fist and grumbles, GRRR!!!)

Knock at the door. Tiz the postman with this HUGE box from Alice.com. I do mean a HUGE box. With sheer delight I tore into it, so anxious to see the cat treats that Mario would get to enjoy, only to find at my WONDERFUL scream of glee a 4 pack of toilet paper. YES! The toilet gods had made their way into Dixie’s head and said, “Hey, the day it arrives, he’s going to have you nominated for Sainthood if you throw in some TP.” Oh, and there were so many other COOL COOL COOL things in there. Some Swedish Fish, some soup, granola cereal, a bar of handmade soap, a full bag of cat food for Mario, some batteries…..and some Old Spice :). Yes, indeed, I smell quite like I ought to have for the last long while now, like a strong man reminiscent of older days in the haze of our memories when grandfathers were the one’s who kept families close together. So, my blog today is on behalf of Dixie La Pierre. One helluva cool chick who knows that the way to a man’s heart is soup and toilet paper 🙂

I’m still waiting to receive the funds from the Indiegogo campaign. I think its supposed to be here sometime next week, but in the meantime, I’ve got these random stashes of one-only skeins that I’ trying to get rid of. Some will end up the last few bears I do for a nice long while, the others I plan to offer to Goodwill.

This one was done in a blend that I’ve used before. A cashemere, silk, wool blend from Jo Sharp, courtesy of Liz Ferguson. Ok, some of you ladies are better at color identification than I am so I’m calling it just flat out purple….although the gay man in me wants to call it Lavender. I’ll let you decide. But, if you’d like to adopt him, click here.

Next up? A little blog about my good friend Judy Smith!



  1. Tis lavender ;0) … Old Spice … mmmh reminds me off some Sunday mornings watching my Grandpa shave. Shaving the old fashioned way, foaming up the shaving cream with the brush, using that very old but still in good shape metal razor, using the alaun stone to stop the little bleeders and smooth the skin and then splish-splash a few drops of Old Spice ….

  2. Gregory. I got all teary eyed. Thank You. You completely made my day, and I cherish you and am proud that you called me your friend. Life is such an amazing thing, and I am so blessed that you are a part of mine in friendship. Thank You for the amazing mention. Always know that you are a twinkling star. ★✵✩ ★✵✩ ★✵ ✩

  3. Hey Patrick – This blog post put a smile on my face. It’s always nice to know someone is out there thinking of you, hoping you’re happy and doing well. 🙂

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