Truly Judy

Seems like some of the coolest people I’ve met come from all over the world, and if they were within reach, I’d spend daily coffees with them. Judy sort of adopted me as one of her own once she came across my blog, and has become something of a second mother to me. I’ve started calling her “one of my internet mamas.” Maybe there is something about me that exudes the need to be mothered, I don’t know, but I have an army of these lovely women all across the globe that have taken me under their wings, and treat me as if I were one of their own. If in fact I have an army, then Judy Smith would the general. Judy has plenty of my bears, tons of my support, and an exceptional ability to step in when she sees things going sour for me and says, “I got this one….” It’s because of Judy that I’m able to keep this blog going. She made it possible for me to get a laptop. She also introduced me to a world of wonderful new people, all with their own amazing stories that need to be shared. Barbara Wiggins, Rachel Pudi, And of course, Beth McNutt in Liverpool.

Judy has this amazing blog called, “Things I Think About,” where you find she has the impressive ability to pull you in with chosen words of honesty, truth and compassion. In some ways I view it more as an online diary, spoken from the heart to no one in particular, but to everyone at once.

Recently her husband had a heart attack, and she describes in frightening detail the fear that seeps in when you have the uncertainty of your loved one’s health banging on your door. Give Judy a read, then give her a shout. She’s one of those valuable souls to have in your camp when you need a friend, when you just need support, when you simply need a kind word to tell you that you’re loved.

Now, for all  of you KNITTERS out there, I’m not sure if you were aware, but if you wanna make a teddy bear of your own while I’m working on the book and deciding if I’ll make the bears again, the pattern is available at Ravelry. Give it a shot! Make your own bear! It’s gotten 4.8 stars out of 5 for ease of use, and if you have any trouble whipping one up, I have video clips on this blog to help with some of the more challenging moments, like embroidering the face, or sewing and attaching all the bits and pieces. And by all means, you can always email if you need help! Oh! And be sure to send a pic of yours when its done! Maybe I’ll do a contest of some kind….best looking damn bear wins…..what? OH! I KNOW! I have YARN! I’ll send you my hodgepodge stash of yarn! YEAH! So? What do you say? Spend the day checking out dear Judy’s blog, and working up a teddy bear that shouldn’t take you more than a day.

Sounds like a really good day to me to begin ushering in the coziness of fall.

If you don’t have a Ravelry account, you can get the pattern here in pdf.



    1. There you are! I’m hoping this finds you well! I hope all is going soooooo much better for you, and I have to tell you I keep you close in my thoughts often! If you get a chance, I’d love to see a pic of that lovely bear 🙂

  1. Sweetie, I am humbled silly by your blog post. The reason I’ve become one of your internet mamas is because of YOU, not me — you’re irresistible, and decidedly “good people.” I feel blessed to know you and you enrich my life over and over with your one-of-a-kind personality. And my lil’ sweetie-girl, Rachel Pudi, introduced me to you, rather than the other way around — just thought I should clarify that. I probably would not have had the joy of knowing you without her mentioning you on her page and providing the link to your wonderful blog. Being who you are, you quite naturally attract good and caring people to you. You deserve the best life has to offer, and I’m always thrilled when good things come your way!

  2. Dropping by briefly in my lunch break to assure you, and your dear friend, of my support and prayers. Going to buy that knitting pattern (when on home computer). On of my best friends has recently had a gorgeous girl, and I know a hand made bear would be most welcome. Keep up the good work. 🙂

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