So, I had to show you some of these photos of some of my bears in their new homes. I love it when I get these pics, I truly do. And notice one common thread….they’re all being squeezed with so much love, it looks like my little teddy bears are struggling to catch air 🙂


This one is Leila’s daughter. I made a pink bear for her. She says if the teddy ends up missing in any way the ENTIRE home goes hands on and the earth stops until the bear is found 🙂


This one was for a little boy about to have a birthday in Louisiana, and I was so pleased that the woman who purchased the little bear sent me a pic of the little boy loving on his bear.










….and this has to be one of my favorites. James asked me to make his daughter a teddy bear…..with a pink mohawk. One of my most favored bears ever. 🙂

If you’d like to adopt a bear of your own, click here.

Ok, back to knitting and writing. Its a nice cool day with no humidity in Southeast Georgia.



  1. Someday I will have one of your bears! And you are so descriptive in your writing. God Bless you for your giving, artsy heart! Keep on knitting!

      1. I just now saw your comment, and yes I DO love that! And isn’t that what love is all about — popping somebody’s head right OFF?? Anything less is just LIKE, not love … 🙂

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