Another Not So Simple Bear

So, there is this skein of yarn I have had for quite some time now that I’ve often looked over to go towards other stuff. There’s nothing wrong with the skein, its just often looked simple, and I hate to use the word, but bland. So, I set it to the side while I go after my more traditional oak tweeds and chocolate browns and crèmes to work up a teddy bear.

Now, as many of you know I’ve been spending a lot of time on the beach in some sense of contemplation. My last two posts have readily called upon the idea of back to roots, back to simplicity, back to finding the joy in hidden moments quietly tucked about the day. Or, a revelation that hits with a sense of freedom, that grandiose and brilliant are appalling to me. I prefer simple. Croquet with friends, cribbage by candlelight in the summer night. A laugh that breaks the cricketed orchestra under the moonlight. I prefer experiences over substances. If it were up to me, I’d buy a cheap little air stream camper, park it near the beach and live quietly with little Mario, tend to these bears and the thoughts they help percolate while I’m knitting them up and we would never have to worry about impending homelessness again. We would always have shelter. We’d have the moments of nature parading us with her temper or her comfort. And we’d be sheltered forever more in an aluminum can that could take us anywhere 🙂

Something contemplative, something attune to meditation happens when I’m knitting teddy bears. I’m alone with thoughts, alone with feelings, and no experience on the planet can garner more of your soul’s attention than those of feelings, of quiet interior exploration. So, while on the beach this last time, sitting, staring at the crashing cacophony of angry waves, I noticed that the color of the sand was the same as that skein I had been avoiding.

Once I returned home I grabbed that skein and started work right away. And the thoughts that surfaced were as magical as I could have ever hoped. I was reminded of my time on the beach, of my moments in thought and contemplation, of my connection with the outer world by means of an interior silence. On the surface, as most things are, the bear seems simple, sandy colored and slightly bland. But, no….there’s something deeper there, something about the disguise beauty finds when she wishes to be silent.

You can adopt the little guy here.



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