Enjoying The Stew and The Breeze

Working on the book has been…..strange.

Basically, I’ve been having to relive those very bad days from a little more than a year ago in as much detail as possible. Sure, it can be heavy  on the heart, but it can also be very therapeutic. If I didn’t have my knitting, nor my writing back then I’m sure I would have crumbled. Even more so, I’m thankful for those talents, grateful that I had them to feed me with. So, for the last two days or so, I’ve put the book on the back burner before I go back and do another once over on it, then send it out to some friends to read and help with editing and changes, then BOOM! Off to print it goes. So while I let the book simmer over a few days, I’ve been knitting more bears 🙂

I haven’t done one of these in a while, thought I’d give him another go since I’ve got plenty of this lovely brown on hand. I love this sort of youthfulness, this sort of naivete in my bears. Want to adopt him? Click here.

Its too nice a day to be inside. I think I’m gonna grab my knitting and head to the edge of the water and enjoy the breeze.


One comment

  1. I sort of envy your life, Gregory, and I’m not being the least bit facetious. The sun, the water, the breeze, the bears that emerge from your fingertips, the words that flow from your heart, the simplicity and “cleanness” of it all. I have a feeling if you were to win the lottery you’d continue to live very much the same in your spirit. You’d buy a very nice “tin can,” of course!! 🙂

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