No, Mario. That’s Not Your Teddy Bear.

Had a wonderful time yesterday, just sitting outside and enjoying the weather. Down south we don’t much of an autumn. It’ll be a good 80 degrees up until at least Thanksgiving sometimes. Yet, yesterday we had one of those monumental moments where a kiss from the jet stream set everything into an awfully cool and breezy day complete with brilliant blue skies and wakes in the water caused only by birds. I finished up this teddy bear with a touch of some leftover blue cashmere. He’s only about 10 inches tall, but just friggin comfy as yesterday was. Even Mario was getting in on the action, slipping into the shade and sleeping under a tree. If you’d like to adopt him, click here.



Oh! And since I have the camera for a day or two, I thought I’d show you something else I’ve been working on with some leftover scraps. Aren’t granny squares the coolest thing to use leftover yarn for??? And each square only takes MINUTES. So, you make a square, use up some leftover yarn, and be done with it until you have more again.



Its a beautiful Sunday. Gonna put down the knitting today, box up some stuff and makes some hummus in the blender (cans of chickpeas were on sale for 40 cents a can! and the pita was buy one get one free!) HELL! I’m gonna have hummus for a measly $1.50! NOW THAT’S LIVING!!!

ps…..aint too many rednecks know what hummus is 🙂



  1. LOVE hummus and pita. LOVE your lil’ blue bear. LOVE the pic of Mario. And I LOVE that you’re enjoying your weather, your knitting, and life.

    P.S. You ain’t no gen-yoo-wine redneck, hon.

  2. Enjoy your hummus and your beautiful day! I’d be interested in the afghan those granny squares will someday become… (I so envy your knitting ability). Stay well, far away friend 🙂

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