Only In Silence, My Dear….

Back when I was homeless and living in the woods, my only form of communication with the outside world was a stamp and written letters. It was too far from civilization for any cell to work, and the little trailer I was in didn’t have a phone line. Long before I had a blog, I wrote in journals, and have been scouring through them to pick up emotions and notes as I try and finish up the second draft of “Will Knit For Food.” Its amazing how isolation tends to pursue the darkest part of you. There is very little solace in it, as Thomas Merton went to point out, that “no man is an island.”

The human soul requires companionship. If not in the relish of one’s own mystery of God to keep the heart occupied, then in the very conversation of another human, just as close to the quest of any man’s desire to be validated with worth. I thought I’d take a snap shot to show that lucidity. My penmanship was swirled in the mysteries of what had happened, around the darkness of what my loneliness was experiencing, and eddied around like smoke the truth that the only voice I heard out in the woods for the first two months I was there, was my own….

I think thats what I’m trying to convey, the idea that six months alone in the woods will call upon you to come closer to something quietly hiding inside yourself, something all the chatter and noise and gossip in the world can’t usually compete with. With only the sounds of the breeze in trees, with only the scream of scenes of the world you left behind, will you find something truly unique about yourself.

I worked up a HUGE bear today. BIG guy made of Lionbrand’s Organic Wool. I decided to take a chance and make a choice and gave him a BROWN nose instead of my usual black….I think I heard him ask for it. He said, “Make me different, in any way you can, give me uniqueness.” So, I did. Sad black eyes, subtle Buddha smile, and a big brown nose to accompany his big white belly. If you’d like to adopt him, click here.

With November just a brush of the wind near the cheek (God, I sound so Irish sometimes when I write), I’ve decided to enlist your help in the recruitment of a Christmas Bear. I’d like to think it’ll be either this white one I just made today, Or this speckled brown one. Either one will be adorned with a red bow, of course, and a little knit santa hat, and packaged like I did last year with candy canes. So, which of the two would you rather have as my limited Christmas Bear?




  1. I like the white one for Christmas! I’m just more into traditional red and white at the holidays. But either would make a splendid bear for the season!

  2. I dont think his eyes look sad, they have hope in them! He is just waiting for someone to adopt him and love him forever. They are both beautiful bears Gregory đŸ™‚

  3. I, too, like the big white bear as the Christmas bear. It seems as if he’s just about to lift his arms to be picked up and hugged tight, as a toddler would do.

  4. I don’t care which bear is your Christmas bear, as long as you keep knitting and keep writing. The world needs more of your bears, in any color.

    1. Lionbrand’s Organic Wool White …Chocolate Brown Nose and Chocolate Brown or Red (to match his Santa’s Hat and Bow) @ the bottom of his legs instead of the black would be my suggestion. I look forward to seeing what your creative mind comes up with no matter what colors you choose Patrick. You are a very talented knitter and writer. Have a Happy Creative Day. Take Care.

  5. I have to say I really like the brown one for the Christmas bear. I do not vote this way just because the brown one has no votes, but that I would be sad to know a bear was only brought out for Christmas and not enjoyed year around. The brown bear could take the love given all year long and be adorned with a Santa hat and red bow during the holiday season to give it the special holiday feel. Just my two cents.. No matter which you choose the bears are amazing!!

  6. My vote is for the white one, but Marie has a good point about the brown one. How about adding green at the bottom feet to show that he has been walking the grass and has grass stains on the bottom of his feet? And then the red hat……Someday I will get one! Keep writing as each time I see an email about your newest blog entry, I eagerly click on it to read it. You brighten my day with your words of wisdom. Thank you!

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