Forecast: Mostly Tension With A Hint of Sandy

Its about 7:30 am and I’m finally out of bed. I’m at least sitting upright, sitting in a chair with a cup of coffee watching BBC World…..what the hell happened over the last two days? I mean really?

Monday night I went to bed just fine. Reasonable hour. Nice and tired from being productive, full tummy of 3 bean chili. Woke up Tuesday morning incapacitated. Unable to lift my head, or move my eyes left and right. It felt as if someone had hit the back of my head with a crowbar, the pain so severe that any muscular movement in my head caused such a slice through my brain that I felt I’d collapse. Coughing made it feel as if my brain would explode.

I spent the rest of the day in pain, cranky, sleeping most of the pain into submission.

Yesterday, I did some googling and went looking for some advice from friends on Facebook. I’ve never had a migraine before, but I didn’t have the blurred vision or nausea. So, I didn’t think it was that. Cluster headache? No, the majority of the pain was behind my head, not at the front….which brought us to tension headache. Sounds pretty harmless doesn’t it? Forget that…..I could hardly walk. Not to mention I didn’t even have the desire to even eat. I kinda felt like any movement on my part would just aggravate the monster in my head.

So, I soaked for hours…..and I do mean hours in the hottest possible tub I could muster…..God, that felt good. I kept a hot rag at the back of my neck and head, and once I was dried off, I made sure to get right back into bed, careful not to over exhert the muscles again, and just go back to sleep.

Woke up today feeling a ton better. And I do mean a ton. there is some pain back there, but like I said, I’m able to sit upright in a chair and write, knit (which I haven’t been able to do in 2 days), and move my head left and right. So, I’m feeling much better and think another round of soaking today should make me quite right.

Looks like there is a storm headed this way. Hurricane Sandy is going to be close enough to skirt my little island in the next 24 hours. The skies outside are already pretty swirly, and the wind is already hitting gusts up into the 30mph mark. SO! I haven’t been able to knit in the last few days and if I can’t knit, I don’t get paid. So, I’m hoping to push my patterns again to hopefully correct and offset the last two days losses….and get over to the bigger island and get some supplies before the weather gets really shitty later today and tonight.

Even if you don’t knit, grab a copy and give it to a knitting friend! Or get inspired and learn to love a set of knitting needles šŸ™‚

For the teddy bear, click here to get the pattern.

For the rabbit, click here to get the pattern.

I’m just grateful I’m not hurting anymore….Looking forward to grabbing some supplies, biking back to my little island, soak a touch more in the tub…and have some split pea soup while the storm swirls šŸ™‚




  1. Pleased to hear that you are feeling better Patrick, Headaches are so horrible but yours sounds absolutley horrific. I am buying your patterns again as I have moved house recently and I have put the other ones somewhere safe! We are all know what that means! So will get them again and I can make my beautiful Grandson a bear and bunny to cherish! Take care, hope the storm is not too bad. xxx p.s. love and hugs to Mario xx

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