My, It Sure Is Windy Out There!

Now, even though Sandy is still supposed to be hundreds of miles off the coast of my little island, you can still feel the effects here. The wind is INSANE and if I’m to get to the big island today to get the groceries I wasn’t able to get yesterday, then its going to be on foot, for there will be no possible way to bike in this. The surf is insanely rich and rough. The birds just float in the air without flapping their wings, just hovering over the splashing white caps. The masts on the sails buoy back and forth like the reeds in the marsh bending and swaying.  I can walk the distance, no big deal, takes about 2 hours, but its possible!

So, that’s my plan, sell my bear and walk over to the big island over, finally get my split pea soup ingredients, then come back here, let the storm skirt us by, and spend the night doing some more knitting. Thanks to some great feeds on facebook last night, my friends have me craving a good dose of “Young Frankenstein.”

So, today’s bear is made of a forest green cashmere, wool, and silk blend from Jo Sharp. Measures about 10 inches tall and has a face that I thought at first looked a little too serious…..then I thought, no…..he looks determined. If you’d like to adopt him, click here.

I’m looking forward to being cuddled up with some soup and Mario when the storm hits later…..something about days like that are made for knitting. 🙂





  1. I love the new bear! And I love split-pea soup, so you have me thinking ….
    Hope Sandy will be gentle with you, and that you and Mario stay cozy. It’s windy here as well, and people just west of us are seeing snow flurries this morning. I’m looking forward to a warm time tucked inside my house today — I don’t envy you your trek for supplies. Stay safe, kiddo!

    1. Like I had mentioned on my facebook page, “So much for Sandy. Its so clear outside you can hear a frog fart.” Yes, she skirted us and did nothing. A little breezy, but not the first drop of rain. Thanks for thinking of Mario, tho!!!!

      1. Your story about travel on a bicycle reminds me of a vacation when our family went West to see the Pacific Ocean. We had 3 sons, tents, camping gear, and at some little basic campground on the beach in Washington, we got all set up. A guy about college age came riding in on his (very packed) bicycle. He was a welcome distraction for us who had been contained together in the van for hours. It seems he had thought the campground had a water supply, Since it did not, he had not even enough for his ramen noodles.
        Well, I had a camp stove, and a big picnic cooler of water. He was just an extra mouth to feed, and I like to cook spaghetti, even just 2 burners for sauce and pasta, and with bread from a bakery we had stopped in. He said it was the best meal he had in a week, no lie.
        I love to look at your bears, and to know you give ’em personality as you knit. and your stories, oh how well you do tell…

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