Its Good To Have Goals

I want 100 kids to have one of these Christmas Bears this year. Yep. That’s my goal. And I’m gonna spend my next weeks pushing and knitting to make sure that happens. It would be a great way to finish the year, a great way to hit “Dang! I’ve knit 600 bears by now!” And a great way to get another apartment over on the island, and off this little rock, so that I don’t have to tend with the weather over the ocean when I got to get groceries.

100 little Christmas bears. Can you imagine? 100 of these little guys waiting to be hugged Christmas morning. 1oo little kids who can proudly say, “I GOT ONE! I GOT ONE! ONLY 99  other kids have one!” What a unique and wonderful club to be in. Surely, there is a kid out there you know who would love one, who will know, the moment he looks in my little teddy bear’s face, that he has a best friend for life.  I physically can only knit 100 of them, so that’s gonna have to be the cut off. Would love to do more, but that’s just not physically possible. I love this little bear. And I know he’s going to make 100 little boys and girls remember the magic of Santa.

….ok, so I don’t have any elves, but I’ve been told I look like one when I shave my beard.

Adopt your teddy bear now! Click here!

OH! And by the way, there are only 98 left. 🙂




  1. I love it! Although the one I bought is not going to a kid, but a kid at heart. One of your Christmas bears is going to my Mom who is battling breast cancer and is going through chemo. I live 14 hours away and since she can’t always hug me I think your bear will be the next best thing. Thanks!

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