It’s Because Grandma’s Rock.

I got this awesome email from Babette in Switzerland. She ordered a bear, bear arrived, she fell in love, sent me an email saying she was getting another for her a grandchild on the way. With my correspondences with Joanne in Australia, I’ve been given the same lovely sentiment. “I have to have one for my grandchild on the way……” (And her little grandson is now here 🙂 )

And then of course, Barbara Wiggins picked up quite a few for her little brood of grand lovelies running about, and sent me a message on Facebook, “I wish you could see this little guy hugging your bear.” And how could I forget Jackie Ginn, who also snagged a few little bears for little arms to squeeze.

I have to say, I’m honoured and delighted that my little bear ends up the lovely adoration of not only wide eyed young ones ready for a friend to get them through this interesting world, but more so humbled by the grandmas who rush in to grab a bear, knowing from life, from experience, from the tender touch of a far away care, that a little bear will be there when grandma can’t be.

I smile at that, you know. I smile and stand proud, grab my little needles and go, “Wow….just…” And I get back to knitting up my little bears. Whenever I read these emails or comments, I can see the faces of these bears take a different shape. Something that looks…..well, much like the love that only a grandma can share.

There are only 78 Limited Edition Christmas Bears for 2012 left. Each of them has been signed and numbered and been readily tossed to the mailman like an assembly line madness. (I really need to do something REALLY cool for Melvin, the post man, this year……)

Order your own Christmas Bear!



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