Toy Maker….TO THE KING!!!

Ok, ok, ok….I see the resemblance. I do šŸ™‚ I had forgotten about this movie, I really had. God,Ā  what great moments from childhood. I waited all year for this movie. When the listing in the newspaper said it was coming on a certain night, I’d take my bath early, get into my pj’s, grab a pillow, sprawl on the floor in front of the television and put my chin in my palm and smile for an hour. Christmas was coming, Santa was coming. The lights in the trees would twinkle, the wooden ornaments would gingerly dangle with a subtle sway, the smell of the freshly cut evergreen mixing with the fragrant joy of cookies being baked for Santa’s arrival.

If you’ve never seen the film, “Santa Clause is Coming to Town,” then a little recap, about how Santa started delivering toys, why he came down chimneys, what the deal with the elves was, where hanging stockings came from. And I doubt any of it is truth, but does lend some great loveliness to folk lore.

And I got to see it again on youtube earlier today and I loved seeing Santa learn to make toys. Aside from the great smile in nostalgia, it was seeing him learn to make toys and deliver them…..and then I thought, “Wow… odd life turns out. I’ve turned into Santa! Toy maker! ….to the king!!!”Ā  And despite all odds, I’ll send my teddy bears across the Whispering Winds into Somber Town. šŸ™‚

I have the coolest job in the world….I’m a toy maker. I’m a regular Kris Kringle, I am šŸ™‚ I get to make people happy, you know. I get to see smiles from my teddy bears. Do you know what that’s like?

Get a limited edition Christmas Bear. I’m gonna make a bunch of kids happy this year, I’m gonna be a Santa in my own right! There are only 60 left. So snag one! Make a little one happy this Christmas!

Oh! I think in my next blog, I’ll post the video for the movie. I think that would be fun for us all to watch it together.

…oh, and no cracks about “Nobody wants a skinny Santa!” That’s for a different blog.




  1. awesome Gregory! You have the best job in the world. Putting smiles on peoples and childrens faces that will last a lifetime!!!! xxx

  2. I love this show also! And I look forward to getting my teddy bear from a great toymaker! Your blogs make my day, Gregory! Thank you for encouraging my creative self!

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