That Bell Ringer Smells Like Coconut

Only 25 Limited Edition Christmas Bears left. Isn’t that awesome? It’s turning into an awfully good season so far. Whew! I haven’t blogged in a while because I’ve been crazy busy knitting up the little bears. Nothing else. Nothing ELSE. And I have to mention, I really am enjoying myself. So, I just wanted to spin out a quick word or two to let everyone  know I’m here! I’m working hard getting the bears done and getting into the Christmas Spirit. As a matter of fact, I’m putting the needles down for a few hours this morning to go ring the Salvation Army Bell in front of the supermarket. I did that last year and thoroughly learned two things with severe intensity: 1) Despite what you have or don’t, reminding yourself that there are others less fortunate than you will put possession and want into perspective. 2) I need to wear sunscreen because I got sunburned last year 🙂

Go get one of the last Christmas Bears left! Click Here!!!!!!



  1. I ordered mine on Saturday! Can’t wait til he gets here. I struck a deal with my 5 year old. During the time that we have the Christmas decorations up, the bear goes in the living room. When we take the decorations down, the bear’s hat and scarf will also be put away and the bear can go to my son’s room for the rest of the year! I’m glad you’re doing well Gregory! Lots of love to you and little Mario!

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