Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree….

There is a long tradition here on the island of a community Christmas Tree. Now, its not set up in front of a community center, not in front of a church, not in front of City Hall, but a smack on the beach.

6401905563_e31d20c732_bMany years ago, a massive piece of drift wood stuck itself in the sand, just off of East Beach. The driftwood is sooooo stuck, its not going anywhere. An elderly woman, with a great sense of humor, used to go decorate it as a Christmas Tree every year, and everyone who wandered the beach around December came to expect it, went looking for it. The woman passed away ever so long ago, and a community tradition was begun. People take an ornament over to the massive drift wood and decorate the long spindly branches. So, that’s our community Christmas Tree here on the island. A piece of decorated drift wood that belongs to everyone, to no one, to all of us. Now, I didn’t take this picture, because I don’t have access to a camera right now. But, I did find this pic take by a guy on Flickr, who must live around here, because most of his pics are centered around Southeast, Georgia. So, since I don’t have a Christmas Tree, I have made this my official tree, spending time with it when I can down at the beach, putting a very inexpensive ornament on it myself, and marveling at how many more and more ornaments show up on the tree whenever I get back to the beach to see it. See? That’s a great community spirit. That’s Christmas. To all of those who had their trees banned by municipalities around America because the trees weren’t secular enough, find an old beat up bush somewhere around your City Hall, make it pretty with bows, and smile at your spirit having not been dampered 🙂

DSC_1217Only 10 more Limited Edition Christmas Bears. Its going to be a great Christmas. A great start to the New Year 🙂 Click here to get one!



  1. Our little (and I mean l I t t l e) tree is up again. Love the lights at this time of year! I received the teddy I ordered. Thank you! I know he will make some little person very happy this year!

  2. Well! did all your bears sell? did you have a Happy Christmas? are you taking care of your hands? My wrists are akillin’ me after shoveling 2″ snow off our front stoop, front walk, back walk, 2 cars, and the driveway. Not much crochet for me this evening. Tomorrow is still a day off da job, so maybe the yarn project will get done then. Happy New Year! I sure hope 2013 brings you all things bright and beautiful 🙂 ~~love and Huggs, Diane

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