Winter Woes

49 Maybe I’m just a touch tired, maybe a bit depressed. Not sure, but have felt a kind of lingering melancholy rolling around lately. Maybe it had something to do with my birthday, maybe its just the weather. I know I shouldn’t bitch. If the high is 50 degrees I should be lucky. My friend, Butch is forced to endure highs of ZERO in Wyoming. And I should be thankful to have had at least a 40th birthday. Some of my friends didn’t make it that far. To be truthful, I feel its just the season. I’m not a winter guy. Dude, 70 is when I put a coat on. I’m a definite super high humidity, swampy, muggy, marshy, buggy, 100 degrees sort of guy.

46Anyhow, I pulled out one of my old designs because he inspires me. He makes me feel better. He was the first one I ever did, if you’ll remember. He was the design that saved me from homelessness. He was the bear that saved me from fully breaking down. He was the bear that gave me not only a new career, and pocket money for food….but, he gave me a career. So, whenever I work him up, I am always reminded of those moments when he was first born, when he was first sold, and how fortunate I was that he came into my life. Click here if you’d like one of your own.

I’ll be fine….I’m just… a mood.




  1. Hang in there! Many of us go through this seasonal kind of melancholy. It helps to start making plans for spring! [It’s just around the corner!] Or summer! Remember you have many friends! Keep a smile on your face [it helps to look in the mirror and see that!] Keeping you in thoughts and prayers.

  2. I’m in the same mood, not that that’s any help. But it’s cold and dry here and my sinuses are jammed up LOL. You’re down south where it’s semi-warm and humid…the thought alone makes me swoon.

    Happy belated birthday! The big Four-Oh. It’s a good place, you’ll see.

    Hang in there and keep knitting…

  3. I did wish you a Happy Birthday the other day, the inernet ate my comment 😦
    I looked at your bears & for some reason this little guy “I’ll Be Your Bear When You Need Me” ended up having me in tears. Maybe it’s just that time of year; ’tis the season after all.

  4. Here too. :\ I hate winter. It’s been in the 40s here but I’m a spring/summer person. Not to mention the fact that I have also had a cold since Christmas Eve. Laryngitis for 4 days. Turned 36 on the 17 too. Forgot we’re both December babies!!!

    Good news is that my hubby had been gone for a year to Arkansas and Louisiana for work and it’s finally done so he’s home. That coming home ever 3rd weekend is for the birds when it’s 600 mile drive one way.

    I’ve not been able to crochet because I’m sick and it’s driving me bonkers. I feel myself twitching to get back at it. lol Keep knitting and keep your hopes up. Warmth is coming and with the days getting longer you’ll be back on top in no time. 😀

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