No Excuses

42Well, not to rub it in, but thankfully the weather has taken a change for the better. I consider mother nature’s given me a nice little birthday present. Its going to be 75 and sunny here on my island off the coast of Georgia for a good week….Yeah, it’ll get cold again, but there you have it. Hoping and praying can do miraculous things.

Now, on to other important news. Every business has its ups and downs. Mine is no different. I’ve had a couple of hiccups in the last few month with my business, and I can offer over the tidal wave of things that helped to cause that, but in reality, in truth, the responsibility lays on my shoulders. If bears didn’t make it on time, then I can’t blame anyone other than myself. Of the issues I faced, I should have been thinking two steps ahead, thinking of elusive problems that may have popped up, rather than dealing with them as they happened. Yarn store stopped stocking Oatmeal Fisherman’s wool. I should have not waited and ordered it online instead. Internet connection was sometimes on, sometimes not. I should have downloaded everything, found a way. Boxes were returned, MANY boxes were returned. (I’ll get to that in a minute, because its rather funny). But, of all the problems that arose, I am the man in the hot seat. I am at the helm of this, I am the one whose name is on every package of bears going out my  front door. So, it is to myself I lay blame, to myself I can only say, No excuse.

I had some boxes returned with nasty little stickers from the post office saying something about “due to heightened security concerns, your package cannot be delivered.” I went back to the post office with my boxes to inquire. Their response? “Its because you used stamps. You see, thats what the Unibomber was doing.” And my response to their response? “Dude…’re still looking for that guy? Cuz, I do believe they found him QUITE along time ago.” Now, most of the postal people know me, they see me in their often, sometimes spending a lot of time in there boxing up teddy bears. Luck would have it that a seasonal employee got a little ambitious, did things by the book, and sent my boxes back. Apparently, you have to HAND it to a postal employee….you can’t just set them on the counter……geez.

Anyway, with hiccups hopefully behind me, I’m back to getting things under way. Businesses have their ups, and their downs…..we have had our downs. Those I take responsibility for. The ups? Well, that’s all about the teddy bear. He’s the one who saves the day when I’m doing things wrong.

And thanks to my friend Philip M, with his reminder that I tend to stumble on occasion, but seem to run better once I recover.



  1. Gregory,

    You and I had a short email going back and forth in regards to one of the issues that you’ve had lately. I just want you to know that I’m okay with it – I understand about business going up and down. I was just glad to hear that you’re okay and my bear is now on it’s way. I will let you know when I get it. And don’t be too hard on yourself – you’re a one man show! Keep on plugging along – you should be on the upside of a hump now!

    And the post office story is hilarious! At least it was easy to fix and get the bears back on their way.

    Take care!

  2. Love you, hon, and I’m glad to hear you’re getting things squared away again — you know what they say … stuff happens. Not sure if I’ve missed your birthday or if it’s still out there, but I’m wishing you a happy one. I’ve been cut down by the flu for the past week (despite having a double dose of the shot) and am just now seeing daylight again. I even missed my own bro-in-law’s birthday! Enjoy the beach — wish I could sit out there with you a while and talk. I’d bring a cooler ….

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