Pink Cotton Candy

DSC_0130So, I’m going through my stash, getting rid of odd bits of yarn I’ve had for far too long. Its amazing the things you find stuck at the back of a drawer, or at the bottom of a bin. I don’t remember where this pink cotton came from, but I remember just thinking far too much about the color. I’m a boy. I run from pink like crazy. Its just not my thing, right? Apparently, not. When I started working up this bear, I saw a her emerge and thought, “ok ok ok, I get it. Not all teddy bears need to look folky and rural and boyish. Sometimes, its ok for my teddy bears to look like they were meant for a little girl.”

DSC_0129So, here you go. A pink cotton candy bear with white bow to boast. Measures 12 inches high, lightly machine washable, and ready to ship. Click here to adopt.




    1. Hi! Holly again! I decided “Pink Cotton Candy” will be gifted to my littlest faerie grand-daughter. I know she will adore Pink Cotton Candy for many years. Thank you so much for creating this little bear!

  1. This bear reminds me so much of the beautiful pink bear that you knitted for a friend of mine and her daughter. More babies coming soon…I’ll need more bears!

  2. Annnnnd, another Gregory Bear finds a home! Yay!! Pink Cotton Candy is one of those happy little “accidents.” Suh-weet!

  3. Pink Cotton Candy arrived this morning and I about cried when I opened the box. She is adorably sweet and oh so precious. Your hands and heart create such delights for my soul.

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