Sign Gregory P.

Ladies….Fellas, are you a touch disheartened by seeing blond lovelies on your skeins? No offense to Deborah and Vannah, but this is seemingly typical. Really…A flock of women bum rush a yarn store for…..ladies on a skein. Its time we did something different. Its time we took a new approach. I wanna see a man on those labels, I truly do…and I want him to be me.

I want to see my broad smile and ginger beard competing along side the darlings of has-been prominence. I want fellas, or women who ADORE fellas to go flocking to yarn stores to get close to a clump of yarn with a MAN’S face on it, ready to buy it, anxious to experience what this yarn with my face can do in their hands. .

Don’t spray paint it on their wall, but let Lionbrand Yarn know you want Gregory Patrick on one of their skeins!


4 thoughts on “Sign Gregory P.

  1. What an awesome idea! Who better than you to be the face on a beautiful skein of wool, especially as you are a fibreholic and put smiles on so many faces with beautiful pieces of art! :)

  2. as long as you get mario on the label too that is a great idea. it will come to you someday. kharma is like that. yea…still knitting up a storm in texas. you take care of yourself and that lil’ boy, god bless you and here is to a great year for all.

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