I Don’t Have Any Customers….

My mother asked me the other day if I was busy for the afternoon. I replied, “I have to finish up a bear for a friend.” She said, “You spend an awful lot of time knitting for your friends. You should get some customers….” I looked at squarely and said with a softness that revealed a very important truth, “I don’t have customers. I have friends….” I will never EVER refer to any one of you as a customer. You’re supportive, and caring and giving. You carry the understanding components of a friend, and for that I am eternally grateful. And with that said, allow me to offer over the biggest amount of love that I can muster. The last couple of days have been AMAZING. What a wonderful, wonderful start to the new year. There has been such an interest in little Gregory Patrick and his teddy bears that I’ve gotten emails from all over the world, kind words, inspiring messages, hopeful notes that remind me again, that the best people I know are ones I’ve never had the pleasure of shaking hands with. But, here in the electronic stratosphere we spend time togethar daily with laughter and enjoyment, the sharing of hurts and hopes, and the occassional virtual hug.I am a blessed man, you know. A truly blessed man. I have friends all over the world who in one way or another are always reminding me that the worst part of life is not remembering its blessings. So, thank you all for being a friend to me.The bears are busy being worked up! And I’ve had a lot of emails asking if people can get on waiting lists for them. So, in about a week when I get all caught up, I’m going to have the bears ready to go for sale on a made to order basis. I think that’s much more fair than a first-come-first-serve basis. I want anyone who wants one of my teddy bears to have one, not just who ever gets in line first. So, I hope you all have an awesome day. I have some soup in the crock pot, a HUGE pot of coffee, Mario on my lap, the two of us in for the day to knit our little hearts away.



  1. Stumbled on your site via a craft round up email…and got to reading. What an incredible, interesting story! And the more I browsed, the more familiar it got…and I realized that you live right next door! (I’m on the mainland) what a small world it is. I’ve lived in Georgia all my life and I’ve only ever meet one guy who does needle crafts. If you get your face on that yarn, I’ll buy it!

      1. Off exit 36. 🙂
        And don’t let her fool you, I bet she thinks you’re just the cutest thing she’s seen all day!

  2. What a beautiful post! It blesses my heart to hear that you’re happy and enjoying wonderful friendships, and that you and Mario are knitting away. I love that you’re doing bears via special order — I’ve felt bad for the people who really, really want one but are just a bit too late in line! Have a terrific day, my sweet friend!

  3. You sir, warm my heart! It’s a blessing to read about your endeavors! I wishbyounthe best and I plan on adopting a bear in the honor of your “can do” spirit!

  4. i chuckled at your reply, ‘the ladies at michaels don’t know what to think of me.’
    how fun! they probably respect you immensely!
    i live way off the grid here in ecuador and would love to luxury of walking through michaels!
    i use a crock pot a lot – otherwise i get absorbed in my art and forget til the burning smell signals another kitchen disaster!

  5. /bearhugs/ !
    One of my co-workers often send out bearhugs this way, so I thought you could use one to go along with your great blog!
    And here’s another to you for having the idea that you’re now going to sell your bears on a by order basis. So can I put an order in for a blue bear like the pink cotton candy bear? /bearhugs/

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