The Heart of a Lion

IMG_5430I can’t thank Lionbrand Yarn enough for all of the support they’ve shown me over the last year and a half. With the help of Brandyce, they’ve taken this little man towards new adventures I never would have thought possible. You all know I use their Fisherman’s wool to knit my teddy bears, but do you realize that they not only gave me a great amount of that wool to start knitting my little guys back in November of 2012, but also some hefty exposure for my indiegogo campaign?

They helped provide sustenance, they helped supply yarn, they helped make sure that I wouldn’t fall through the cracks, made sure that whatever I needed, they would be willing to help in anyย  way that they could.

They are tremendously good and kind people, always pushing to help, always willing to transcend the floating way we fall upon the waves for survival’s sake, and lift people to higher planes of success. I will never thank them enough for everything they’ve done for me. It was because of them that I was provided sustenance. So, I can’t help think, and I’m sure you would agree, that there isn’t another yarn I could ever think of making my bears with, for my little knit teddy bears bleed with the good natured heart of a Lion.



  1. I started using Lion Brand’s Fisherman wool in Oak Tweed because of you! I luv this yarn!! I always thought the wool would be sooooo itchy, but once I started knitting with it, I had no problems at all. Thanks again! Your posts are inspiring…keep up the great work. They already have The Crochet Dude… will be The Knitting Dude! Dude, you need to get on some craft shows and/or start YouTube videos. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. I almost exclusively use Lionbrand in my projects both personal and my items for sale. It makes me so happy to support a company who not only makes a product that is affordable but also a joy to knit with. It makes doing many many projects possible!

  3. I, too, love this yarn…currently knitting an eternity scarf for a friend with it and am thinking that my next project with it will be a sweater (for me). The quality is excellent and the price is right. It also felts nicely too. Perfect yarn for bears!

    I keep checking Indigogo and I’m thrilled to see the numbers going up daily. So happy for you! I’m halfway through Mad Man Knitting and really enjoying it. You write with great insight. Here’s hoping you continue to soar!

  4. Yours is an inspirational story and I wish you every success from here on in. Lovely to know that one of the big brands have given you support in such a practical way.
    Smashing too to see a guy pushing the craft skill forward!
    : )

  5. Hey,
    Good job on knitting all the bears, they look so cute! It’s great that you have set yourself up and you def need to get to some craft markets! Do you have a PO Box yet? Would you like any donations of wool/materials, any specifications? Never too late for an late christmas present/early birthday present ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Lovely post Gregory – thank you for the mention. I appreciate your kind words about Lion Brand, and we’re very happy to have been able to provide you with some support. You know where to reach me ๐Ÿ™‚ Wishing you the best always!

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