Spring a Bear and Go Sakamoto Yourself

dscf2724So, today was the first day of Spring. Every year I tend to have my own little rituals to usher in the bright blossoms and cool breeze-born blooms that dot the air with flighty color.

…ok, so it ended up being a rainy day. Just means everything will brighten with brilliance tomorrow. 🙂 I spent the day inside making black eyed peas, collards, and rice (God, I do so love it), did a ton of knitting, and tossed my mind towards tomorrows Rites of Spring.

I read “Howard’s End” every year at this time. I don’t know why. I truly don’t. I fell in love with that book 20 years ago this year, and for some reason, its always breathed rebirth into my Spring. If you’ve never read it, or don’t care reading such things, then by all means spend an afternoon with the film. Merchant Ivory did a flawless job with all of E. M. Forster’s books, especially “Howard’s End.” I think there is a part of me that always felt like Leonard Bast, who always “had a sort of romantic ambition.” He is a poor man, yearns for something more for his life, to be treated properly, and is ultimately crushed under the weight of books. Meanwhile, there are people trying to help him. And without deep thought, they feel the advice they plague him with is for his own good…even though it ruins him. And upon his ruin, they take no responsibility for it. “The poor are the poor. Its all part of the battle of life. ”

There are great lines in that book that cause one to consider. “The subject of the poor should only be approached by the poet, or the statistician….” Think on that for a minute…. And another: “The only cause for action is want…and Leonard acted.”

I truly do love that book. And yes, the film is a worthy substitute 🙂

The other tradition I have at the return of Spring is a moment in the sun with Ryuichi Sakamoto. He is perhaps my favorite contemporary composer, and no other musician in my eyes does a better job of capturing Spring with strong strings. If you ever have the chance, download some of his work from the Little Buddha soundtrack, step into lush grass screaming with the whispers of wild flowers, lay back, look at the blue sky and listen to Sakamoto. You’ll find your mind glowing into what it means to have an artist connect with his audience.

Now, you all know that I don’t name my bears after people, or colors, or that sort of thing. I name them after moments, after experiences and thoughts. I work my hands into those particular bears with those feelings, those thoughts, those moments of meditation. Lately, I’ve been thinking alot of about this bear. He isn’t adopted as much as the other ones. Judy Dunham gave a shout out, reminding me she was one of the few that had given him a home and was anxious to have a new one. The more I thought about it, the more I realized how important Bears and Blessings was to me. Especially of late. I designed him two years ago when I was living in the woods, alone. But, with that in the past, there are current themes that still run through this bear that I want to remember often. “Only YOU have the power to make a change.

My emotional and spiritual salvation are all entirely up to me….”

dscf2729Click here to adopt him.


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