Happy Belated Easter!

59I hope you all had a WONDERFUL Easter Sunday! Mine? Dude, I slept through it. Totally slept through the weekend. Probably wasn’t to my most productive advantage, but it seems my body said, “Uhhhh, Gregory? Chill out for a minute.” Which is true. I’m always going a million miles a minute, up at 5am, toss on my boots, my jeans, get the coffee started and get to knitting. I sleep in 4 hour increments usually, so somewhere around midday, I lay down for a little while. Then its up, boots and jeans on, coffee started and back to work. So, I’m not surprised my body just said, “hey, hey, hey….Chill out. Enjoy your Easter Sunday and recharge your batteries. Spiritually, emotionally, and most importantly, PHYSICALLY.”

I spent Easter Sunday peeking my eyes open once in a while just to check on Mario (she makes me nervous when I can’t see her), then would roll over with a little smile and head back to sleep. For my Easter dinner? I had a bowl of lentil soup (yum!). You know, I’m a hardcore cook on a dime, and when I make lentil soup from scratch it always ends up a big batch, most of which I get to freeze for later days when I just don’t have a lot of time to cook. I did spend the evening (still in bed, head in comfy pillow) watching “The Vicar of Dibley” reruns on my laptop (I don’t own a television. I think television is awful, but there are some things I truly like to watch online…..SUCH AS! “The Vicar of Dibley”). So, all in all, it was a charming Easter Sunday of rest, Lentil Soup, some good British humor, and the occasional purr of Mario in the corner. It was a good day 🙂

So, its April 1, rent day. I’ve got about 10 more bears to get under my belt to get the bill paid, and I would LOVE to be able to get them adopted homes today. So, this will be the last day I offer free shipping in the US and Canada. Go grab a bear!

Click here to adopt a teddy bear!



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