I’m a Little Old Fashioned….

So, Kara came over last night. I had to put the needles down for just a touch and have a little fun. And fun for me? You know my style, I’m a simple man. Nothing massive and grand. I’m a little old fashioned. I’m a touch old school.

We spent the evening doing one of our faves. Cribbage.

Kara got me hooked on it a couple of years ago and gave me as a gift some time back this amazing vintage cribbage board, so whenever she comes to visit, its the one we play with. And the best part about our time playing cribbage is the time we spend together, chit chatting, gossiping like silly girls, trash talking people who make a living trash talking people. (Don’t you hate people like that????) Off in the distance the radio played a touch of Stevie Wonder’s “Songs in the Key of Life.” Who wouldn’t have a grand time with that?

So, there we sat at on the floor (my little 300 square foot studio really has nothing in it. A foam mattress on the floor, a chair in the corner, Mario in the window sill), and had one of the best times I’ve had since I’ve been back. It reminded me how much I enjoy the friends I have, and reminded me that I don’t need much to make me a pleased person. All I require is the kindness of those around me, and a little cribbage or croquet on occasion.

I like it here. I like that the two people I’ve had in my midst for the last 15  years are only 3 blocks away. George is off in that direction, Kara in that. I like that my little space with the windows open invites a welcoming breeze that cold fists the heat and offers over comfort. I like having a little stove to make my meals with, and like being within stepping stones of  a supermarket, the post office, enjoyment, people…..life. I like it here. God, I hate those days where I wasn’t sure where I’d sleep, what I’d eat, what would become of Mario, if someone would take her, if at any moment I’d be ripped up as a vagrant.

So, in some way I want to apologize. I peddle my little teddy bears constantly, day and night, and I know sometimes people get sick and tired of me having another bear to sell, but…..truth be told, I’m terrified of that life it took me so long to get out of. I never took food stamps, never took public assistance, because I’m a little old fashioned. I prefer to work for my keep. And now, this teddy bear business of mine is blossoming better and better every day. And I’ve made a mark on people, I’ve connected with people. I’ve made them feel happy, and given some hope. So, if you get a little tired of me pushing and pushing and pushing to get all of you to buy teddy bears, I apologize…..but, I don’t want that life ever again. I want to go forward with a set of needles and a great hope for wonderful things to come. And this little studio apartment is the best spot for that. So close to my two dearest friends, with nights that get no crazier than games of cribbage, and an amazingly REAL neighborhood next door. I like it here…..

DSC_0702Here is a panda bear I did in honor of the little hood next door. Coytown. I think possibly one of the coolest neighborhoods in Orlando. I’m a little old fashioned. I believe in support of our neighborhoods, the businesses inside of them, and the people that live in them….

I like it here. And I want this to be the mark, a start, for a great future for all of us. One little teddy bear at a time. Click here if you’d like to adopt one….

And again, sorry for the hard selling. I wanna keep this life I’ve built from ruins. I like it here.





  1. Hey, don’t apologize for trying to earn a living, there’s no shame in that and the bears you make are simply adorable. I would have bought one a long time ago if I had the cash but like you, I’m trying to earn a few bucks here and there. As soon as I sell something I no longer need that someone else wants, I’ll be back to order one of those bears. I’m also a huge cribbage fan, so I totally get how enjoyable that can be. Take care and eep on truckin’!

  2. Dear Gregory –

    I’m so glad to hear you sounding happy and peaceful!! Don’t ever apologize for “peddling” your precious bears – you’re adding goodness to the world, and giving others a wonderful opportunity ❤

    Stay well (you and Mario both)

  3. Never apologize. Someday when I’m at a place where I’m not wondering if we’re going to make next month’s rent I would love to have one your bears. Keep peddling them so I can buy one from you when that day comes!

    In the meantime, I’m hanging in there and taking inspiration from you. Since I’ve discovered your blog, I’ve also discovered hope. Thank you for being here, and for doing what you do. You’re my hero!

  4. I agree with the folks who posted above – don’t ever apologize for CREATING something that offers comfort, a smile or a sense of peace to someone who needs it. With your own two hands, you make something meaningful and you do it with grace, love and compassion. We all need each other. So flog those bears, Gregory!

    P.S. I’ve been reading your book on my lunch hour at work and I’m really enjoying it.

  5. It’s soo good to hear the wonderful changes in your life since you moved back to Orlando. Where we live does matter, and friends matter most of all.
    p.s.You hooked me! I just ordered a panda!! My favorite bear.

  6. Brother, as I se it your knitting is a gift from God the Universeor whatever you call it. I think it rocks anwould love to have something like that myself that I could hold onto and make a buck or two off of. This world we are in sucks ass and that kind of lifeline …….. well hell I could use something like that myself , since the mine i was working in let me go, and then I lost my house, and while my sense of self worth was at a all time “high”, my wife left me on my 25th wedding anniversary, so I moved in to my parents spare room (what every man of 47 dreams of) and was seriously thinking of checking out when I stumbled onto your deal here and you know what? You inspired me I am going to find my own madman thing, don’t know what that is yet but I will, THANK YOU SAVE RUFUS AND FIRE THE BITCH!!!!

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