When Tears Come, Teddy Bears Come to the Rescue

bear1Before I say anything, anything at all I want to address the bombings in Boston. Mainly, that I don’t wish to say anything about the bombings. There are some moments in your presence that simply require some personal reflection, and personal soul searching that should not be broadcast in opinion. I feel terrible about it. I feel terrible, horrible, and sickened by it. But, for my own sense of grieving, and acceptance, I often prefer to close the door, spend some time in silence, and allow the moment to be born out of prayer and thought into something more heartfelt. Yes, we know evil exists. Obviously, the bombings are another testament to that…..but, we have to remember, MUST remember, that goodness does exist. Goodness DOES exist…..as was seen in the instant and quick response by common stranger to help common stranger, not as Americans, not as fellow runners, but as humans. And I’d rather have that thought surface more often than the visuals of the actual carnage again and again. I’d rather remember in my heart that sadly some one or some few managed to cause such pain and suffering, but that hundreds came to the immediate rescue, thousands rushed to the scene to offer assistance in blood donations and housing, and millions have shed tears, offered over sympathy. THAT is what we cannot forget. There is much more good than evil. I promise you.

And that’s all I wish to say on that.

This little bear is the one I want to push for the next two weeks. I like the idea of the wide eyed with wonder youthfulness that calls close the promise of innocence. “I want to see the world, I want to see how great it is.” Not the summation of “See? I’ve seen the world…and how wretched it is.” I want to put peace and contentment into my work, as you all know.

Just click on his pic and see him fill your screen with eyes that are filled with the wonder of what the world has to offer…..rather than what the world takes away.

And I’m pushing ahead with each little bear I make to remind myself, and to anyone else who holds these stitched up little dears that tears do come, they do. Tears do often make a claim to our days, but hope, HOPE rules. Goodness always wins.When tears come, teddy bears come to the rescue.

If you wish to adopt him click here.



  1. Your tender words reflect what my heart feels during and after each incidence of evil by another against another. Thank you for sharing the words that I couldn’t find.

  2. I came across this quote today and it helped me:
    “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”
    ~ Fred Rogers

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