The Soldier’s Bear Returns

soldier bear 2It makes me sad that only 6 of these little guys went out into the world. So, I’m making it my mission today to get the word out on this one. This one means a lot to me. If you didn’t get to read the post about The Soldier’s Bear Left Behind, you truly should scroll down and take a look. This is a cause, a moment, a vision that means something deeper to me. This bear gives me some sense of purpose. Ok, all of my bears do bring me some sense of actuallness, and validation, but this particular one truly gives me a clear sight into the heart of pain and anxiousness….into the arms of someone who yearns for their loved one to return.

I’m not charging shipping for this one. And I’m hoping, so hoping that he gets into the arms as of many people as possible.  So let’s get at least 2 or 3 of him out today, to someone you know with service member overseas, to remind them that their brave soldier will return, and that in the meantime, the plush cushion of this bear’s hug will keep you focused on their safety and return.

I think we can get 2 adopted today, don’t you?

Click here to adopt him.



  1. Hey! I just ordered a Soldier Bear for my friend Greg and wanted to correct his location of duty. He served in Iraq, not Afghanistan. Thanks!! Just sent out another bear from earlier for a present, and sent another one for a baby gift. ❤

  2. it’s a shame they are not going. they are very nice. i ordered a plain bear for a friend who lost her mother. and she is a avid collector of teady bears…so why not give her one of the best made, and cared for bears ever created ? thank you gregory for making your bears and lifting the spirits and hopes of others.

  3. this will be my 3rd of your bears the other two going to my nieces’ who had babys- not sure where this little one will be going just yet but don’t you worry he will end up in a good home. Thanks Gregory. 🙂

  4. Please let me know when you have more Soldier Bears. I tried to share this on FB but had to delete it because there weren’t any for sale. I want to get one for my grandson who graduates HS this year and is going into the service. ( I have one of your other bears already – for ME! )

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