Save Rufus From This Bitch

Rufus_7This is the kinda crap that sets me reeling. This is the sort of thing that aggravates me to no end. Not the incident itself, nor even the moment itself, but the unapologetic, inhuman approach this BITCH has taken towards the end of a life. Not only do I want Rufus saved and sent back home, I want that woman FIRED. I want her OUT of the animal control business. I want her pretty blond insincerity tossed out, kicked out and given a swift kick in the ass for being so CRUEL to a living animal.

I heard about this earlier today and thought, something must be wrong, something about the story must be missing. But, no. There it is, simple and concise. Boy scares his own puppy. Puppy bites boy. Boy gets stitches. Hospital makes a report to animal control. Puppy taken away to death row for being aggressive. You see? This is the whole bull shittery that tends to just….DAMMIT….to just throw my own politeness and sense of kindness out the window and want to STRANGLE someone. The mother never filed a report, but a State statute says that when a person is bit by a dog the hospital interferes….the hospital reports it….The GOVERNMENT intervenes.

The puppy’s name is RUFUS. The bitch’s name is Dianne Summer. Here is her contact info.

WE WILL SAVE THIS DOG. And not just that, but we WILL have her removed from her position. Effective immediately. And where the hell is PETA? Oh yeah…busy buying stock in Sea World so they can free Willy. No, THIS is the campaign that requires any animal lover’s attention. Not the preservation and care and feeding of an animal in captivity, but the unneccessary, inhuman, callous dismissal of a harmless little beagle because of some…..some BITCH’S inability to have the good sense God gave the shit Rufus poops to know she’s evil if she goes through with this. She has to protect her job by following the rules, by following the state statutes. By trying to remind people she is VALID. Bullshit. Sit down, take stock of your dumb stand on this, send the dog home.

There is a facebook page devoted to saving Rufus.

And here is the news report you can view in video to see more of the story yourself. I know this isn’t the best, nor most eloquent blog I’ve written, but I can either sit here and bawl my eyes out over this little beagle, or I can fight to see everyone EVERYONE I know gets that little dog back home. And I think you’ve all been able to read by now, I’m a fighter….and I don’t give up.

Save Rufus….and FIRE the bitch.



  1. I have a friend who went through a similar incident in Garden City, Kansas with her dog. They were at the lake playing and she was splashing water at her dog and the dog was chomping at it. Totally playful. Well my friend brought her arm up out of the water at the same time the dog chomped downward and her arm ran into the dogs long pointy tooth and caused a puncture wound that resulted in stitches. The dog didn’t bite her but because her arm collided with the dogs tooth they considered it a bite. Similar situation to this in that there was a very vague law and since her dog was a Rottweiler mix they deemed her an aggressive breed and euthanized without so much as notifying my friend. I hope Rufus’ people are more successful. A sad story all the way around.

    1. I do too….The local news coverage has expanded to all outlets since the 11pm news and if anything, the public pressure will make this a total PR nightmare. Good luck to the lawyers with the injunction. Rufus has only a week to live before he’s put down.

      1. After my sister went through something similar with her dog (he was not put down) and hearing other sad stories, I know now to tell the hospital or any other people who want to rule who we have in our home that it was a random dog that bit me if my dog ever does that in a blue moon.

      2. Also, Gregory, in response to your admission that “…this isn’t the…most eloquent blog I’ve written,” I’m with you. This is not a time to be eloquent. This is a time time when passion comes out. Your passion comes from love. I’m normally polite and try to “keep the peace,” but in situations like this with people like this, I’d write in the same way you did and am glad you did.

    2. An example why I don’t go to doctors! I don’t trust anyone related to the health industry and especially people in government. They are so damn IGNORANT! I would bleed to death before I’d go to the doctor from a bite from MY dog. If she did bite me it would be an accident and no business of anyone else. GOD HOW I HATE PEOPLE!

  2. Ok if the kid bit someone we wouldn’t kill it! This is straight BS! Puppies bite they eat shoes…furniture. Whatever….kids do way worse and we don’t kill them!


      2. The Lexus Project is already on this. You can donate to help with the legal filing fees on the Rufus page.

  3. I am wondering if someone can step in from out of state and adopt Rufus in order to save him. I would certainly be willing. I live in an area that is has little to no regulations and I am a HUGE animal lover.

    1. According to the news report, the adoption option was taken off the table because of the “severity” of the bite. Poor boy got a few stitches to the lip….he didn’t have a limb eaten off.

  4. I don’t know if Actor’s For Animals can help, but I emailed them.. also emailed Linda Blair, “Exorcist”, am trying to think of any other celebrities in animal rights to contact… any other ideas in this direction????anyone??

    1. Ellen? She lost her mind on television when the dogs she adopted then gave as gifts were taken away by animal control. Again, I don’t know why PETA isn’t around….but, to be truthful, I’ve never been fond of them. maybe other animal groups. ASPCA, The Human Society. All of them. Start sharing on their pages and see what they say.

      1. Your blog post is wonderful, it’s as eloquent as it needs to be. And PETA? They kill the dogs they get. Don’t let them fool you, they’ll stand in the way of a cockroach being squashed but they advocate killing all pitbulls, feral cats and kill 97% of the animals brought to their “shelter”. You did a good thing here, love that your heart is in the right place : ) Stay away from PETA.

      2. I’ve never been fond of them. Something about their bully tactic remind me of Act Up….whom I think are long gone by now….and the Occupiers….whom no one seems to take seriously. Passion rears and you flair….and then you pull back and discuss without bullying how to compromise.

  5. Well said! I cannot believe with so much going on theey are focussing on this one well cared for dog that obviously has a family that loves him! Has anybody even considered the long term psychological results that can happen to this little boy? He will go through life thinking his dog was euthanized because of something he did. WAKE UP OCAS- THERE ARE SO MANY OTHER ANIMALS AND SITUATONS THAT NEED TO BE DEALT WITH! UNBELIEVEABLE!!!

  6. You are awesome! Everyday people hunt, torture and kill animals, and no one puts them down. Michael Vick resurrected his career, and got himself another dog ~ when he should’ve been put down! People kill people, still…no one puts them down. In this world, animals cannot be animals. We want a dog, but we want the dog to act like human. We humans, can snap and have a bad day, but the dog, as domesticated as he/she may seem, whose ancestors are wolves, cannot have a moment! My little Chihuahua growls at us when we’re in the vicinity of her bowl, but we find it amusing. It’s a small dog, just like Rufus. I’ve seen plenty of kids who are noisy and rough around dogs. I always fear that the dog might react. I’m human, and my threshold of tolerance towards screaming rambunctious kids is minimal. Also, I’ve seen plenty of people who might bite your hand off if you look to the direction of their food. I think that woman is a heartless, Godless, selfish woman who seems to have liked her moment in the spotlight, flaunting her heartlessness. Meanwhile, a life of a beautiful dog, the same breed of dog that I used to have, is in the hands of this horrible woman. I’m scared!

  7. I agree with you, but take it easy on the hospital people. They would be committing a crime if they did’t report a dog bite. It’s not their fault and they could face fines and loss of medical licenses for failure to report. I’m a nurse and a paramedic and it makes me sick to have to “tattle” about things because the low IQ morons that write laws are as vague as possible when doing so. That woman does need to go. She is just too happy go lucky about killing this dog. That part of the interview was sickening.

    1. BECAUSE OF THAT STUPID HOSPITAL RUFUS WAS TAKEN AWAY FROM HIS FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT I CANNOT STOMACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Well, I think my anger was with the coldness of it, and the elusiveness of this idea of “severity.” Has anyone here never been bitten by their own dog when playing? A little nip? I don’t blame the nurses for complying, but perhaps I do blame them for complying to the paranoia you pointed out, for fear of retribution for not reporting. However, if the mother screamed no harm no foul, and if its left up to a third party to decide what is “severe” injury and what is isn’t, then where does that leave us who wish to go, “I was bit. It was an accident. I place no blame. I forgive him.”

    3. I would chance losing my job before reporting this sweet boy toward a possible death. I have a conscience, though.

      1. THE HOSPITAL HAS ALREADY COMMITTED A CRIME BY SIGNING RUFUS,S DEATH WARRANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MURDERERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT COMES AROUND GOES AROUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HOPE KARMA COMES BACK TO BITE THEM IN THE ARSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. According to the save rufus facebook page the lexus project has been contacted. I am beyond upset about how the AC is handling this. And the worst part is,if this is a county animal control then that means the fight they put up to protect their stance will be paid for by taxpayers. Their lawyers really need to pour over the laws and statutes to make sure this insane stance is going to stand up in court.
    I am praying for Rufus and his family. Having worked with Humane societies in rural Ohio I have acquired a soft spot for beagle and know this little guy deserves a chance.

    1. And I so hope with the lawyers injunction for a “stay of execution” that Animal Control will settle into a big chair, sit back, sigh, and say, “I think this case isn’t quite what the statue was referring to. Let’s let the little guy go home. Just….call the family and let them come get him.” Why wouldn’t after all this would they not put Rufus on probation? He was monitored for aggression. He passed. He’s a softie apparently. So, send him home and if there should be another incident, we’ll proceed with harsher charges. But, one nip to a lip leads to a death sentence? Shameful.


  9. My anger is due to them NOT TELLING THE TRUTH! If the animal control people hadn’t lied to the family they’d have fought harder to keep him. Telling people you’re going to test a dog when you’re just taking it to kill it is more WRONG than getting the hospitals to do your job finding dangerous animals in the first place. This puppy needs to go home.

    1. she made me mad when they interviewed that little blond headed bitch i wanted to slap her silly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I’ve never read your blog before but I think this one is wonderful! Straight to the point and full of truth!

  11. Thank you for saying what is now deemed to be politically incorrect. Strong opinions and positions receive censure, but I think you’ve said it better than anyone I’ve ever come across.

  12. This is a tragic story and I will be going over immediately to sign the petition. A friend of ours was on vacation when their dog escaped his kennel. The dog was reported as missing, the owners never contacted until it was too late. The local shelter put the dog down because it growled at animal control and was deemed “aggressive”. Mind you, he never bit but growled. Um, last time I checked a growl was a warning and startled dogs react. This child needs his dog back! This is a world gone mad.

  13. My dog it my child in the face when she was young. She was also a puppy.’ Little less than 2… It was an accident,, the dog became excited… It meant no harm.. She never did it again, she lived till 13 and loved each of us and we her.. Save Rufus,, he is not a threat.. It was purely a puppy accident.. The owners know their dog.. They are vouching for it.. Do not put this dog down… Give him back to the people who love him his family,,, it was an accident… It is a puppy

  14. Well said, Rufus needs to go home. I would be going to jail before ANYONE would take my dogs away from me. I don’t care what kind of BS story they gave the family, My dogs are my youngest children and they say with my family. I hate hearing stories like this. When you have a loving family that knows their pet is not aggressive. and someone deems they are because of one accidnet.

  15. What happened to common sense?? When one of my nieces was young, she bent down to see if the dog had finished his ice cream…. he wasn’t through, and he snapped at her… on her lip! Luckily it wasn’t a bad injury… we explained to my niece that when an animal is eating, you can’t get in their face, we cleaned her wound, and Goochie lived to be an old Peke!! This incident was not Rufus’ fault…. even the mom admits that….

  16. THANK YOU !!!!! THANK YOU !!!!!!! FOR CARRIE ABOUT RUFUS. I do not know the dog. But I always owned Beagles. I have two beagles now. They are great dogs. I agree with you 100% . Florida animal control Laws need some looking into. Lets get our congressmen and sentor, state governor to look at this case. THE GOVERNOR NEEDS TO PARDON RUFUS…….!!!!!!!

  17. Why don’t we organize a protest? Let the blond bimbo show her face there! Also, when I called, I was told the decision was made by a Mathew, and she is just his minion! And I agree about PETA! Where the hell are they?!?

  18. While I agree it’s all a huge misunderstanding concerning how he got taken away from them I think ya’ll seriously need to cut back on the anger and accusations. Screaming in all caps, name calling and accusing is not fixing anything at all. So far I’ve seen the hospital and nurses attacked, blondes and that particular one who had been chosen to stand in front of the camera. I agree it’s a huge injustice to the animal and he should certainly not die over any of it. There are things you guys have not considered here.

    1) According to the state law the hospital has no choice but to put down what caused the stitches. It’s their job. If they fail to report that and the family comes back and accuses them of not doing their job, nurses get fired. They have to do their job.

    2) The police say they have a signed paper FROM THE MOTHER OF THE CHILD stating she was giving up all rights to him even though it could mean they put him down. She even surrendered all of Rufus’ toys because she “didn’t want them around to remind her”. Now she’s backing down from that. I understand she changed her mind but that’s not helping her case in saying the dog innocently bit her son or get the dog back.

    3) Once ANY animal is sent to Animal Control to be put down they have to follow that rule. Unless some state senator grants the pooch reprieve or something I can’t see how legally they could get out of it. If the animal is not euthanized they would be charged by the state and potentially be shut down. Without Animal Control people have all sorts of wild animals attacking people with no one to call for assistance (unless they call police or fire department and those guys should be out chasing bad guys, putting out fires and eating donuts).

    While that Dianne Summer person does seem to have no emotion about the situation, she also looks just out of college and is going by the books. It’s possible no one else inside would talk to the news crews so they sent her out. Who knows. It’s still her job to sit in her office and push pencils. To her it’s just another day when animals come in with paperwork saying euthanize and she instructs who ever to do their job. It’s not her job to Dr Doolittle them and set them free. To send a mob of hateful people after her is no more right than the mother signing off to have the dog taken away. There are better ways to handle this and screaming at one another isn’t the way. Write or call the state govt officials, quickly. The clock is ticking for poor Rufus. Take it out on officials to have them stop it and to change the law to allow exceptions to the rule.

    1. Well, this is part of the problem. The report was only written yesterday. And the lawyer and the family weren’t given a copy of it until a news reporter handed it over. The lawyer and family were told that it would be public record and they could obtain it if they applied for it.

      And let’s not call it animal control….let’s call it Animal Extermination, since that’s their answer to every situation.

    2. Thank you for your level-headed concern. I was beginning to think there was nothing but yelling on here and no thinking.

      1. well,little missy jessica aka diane summers i type in caps sometimes because of my eyesight going bad,if you don,t like it you know where to put it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! where the sun don,t shine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. ATTENTION EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        jessica is really diane summers that runs the orange county animal services,i have her blocked on facebook as i,m sure alot of you on facebook probably have her blocked also!!! i have her compadres from the orange county services blocked too!

      3. diane is using the name of jessica and many other names on facebook,and has many fake profiles on facebook

  19. I have been fighting for Rufus, I’ve called the Gov of FL, emailed Sen Rubio and Congressman Bilirakis. I’ve signed the petition/donated contacted the killers at that Orange County Animal Shelter I’ve even emailed my dog’s Vet to see if they would comment/post their profession opinion. I’ve cried, prayed and will keep on praying for Rufus. It’s like my dad used to say to me “it’s not what u know it’s who u know” He would have been released if it were a high profile person. Thank you for words !

    1. Good for you! And I feel the same…I’ve been obsessed with this for days now. People went through a great deal to get me off the streets and into a place for Mario and I to live. And if I can do anything, ANYTHING to push forward the compassion and care that people showed me, then this is it. This is it. Because it speaks on so many levels.

  20. Kid next door sat my my kid’s dog. Dog caught by surprise and snapped at the kid. Not real injury, but dog’s teeth broke the skin. Kid didn’t need treatment, but I was told, either have the dog put down immediately or face legal action. Being a pensioner, raising 3 kids alone, I had no choice. I couldn’t do it for myself, I had to have my DIL take the dog to the vets to have it put down…It’s the law here, if the skin is broken, the dog must be put down. Wasn’t the dog’s fault…I cried my heart out.


  22. An incident similar to this happened with one of our foster dogs. He was a sweetheart! Sitting next to me on the couch, just chilling, when my 6 year old daughter came to pet him (from one direction) and my beagle came to us from another direction at the same time. The poor dog, coming from God knows what kind of existence before rescue, felt cornered and threatened and panicked, biting my daughter. She required a plastic surgeon/stitches. The kennel accepted the dog back immediately. He was then listed as a dog suitable for a home with no small children, not put down. Mind you, this is in NJ with a no-kill shelter. I guess my point is there is a kinder solution here. I just saw Rufus has almost 119,000 signatures on his petition 🙂

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