You Can Learn Alot From a Duck

I was rushing about a few days ago. Diving into doorways, bus stops, dashing through the rain to get my supplies. I had to be quick, had to make it up to the plaza to Hobby Lobby and Staples then back home again before the next round of rain storms started. It has rained here for DAYS. This tropical system off the Gulf of Mexico has just been sitting there, swirling, churning up water, then dropping it on top of Central Florida for 4 days now. But, nonetheless, I needed supplies, yarn, boxes, so I made a mad dash towards the plaza the first moment the rain ceased.

In the walk there (maybe a mile?) I could see the brooding grey skies, could hear the rumble of thunder off in the distance and sped my pace. In an out of Hobby Lobby, done. I was focused, busy, quick, no chit chat, no down time. Gotta get home before I get drenched. In and out of Staples……sort of.

TheΒ  minute I walked out of Staples I noticed a handful of people with cameras pointed my way, dead on me, straight at me. I looked straight down at my feet to see this mother duck walking by with her swarm of little ducklings slowly walk by. With their little military marching, I could only stop and stare. The little ones trustingly followed momma duck across the sidewalk, under cars, and across the park lot. The same handful of people taking pictures and videos with their phones would stop traffic, block cars, and point out to mindless people texting that they were about to step on a flock of baby ducks, as the tiny little ones did their best to get to a nearby lake.

And I learned a little something. You can never EVER be sure when the miracle of life, nor the magnificence of nature, nor the very reminder of existence can randomly show itself. I watched the little ducklings march on through, as this parking lot came to a standstill, as all these gracious people were feeling what I was at the moment: just another simple day of nothing special was filled with more brilliance than you can ever imagine, over something as kindly simple as a flock of ducklings.

I walked home SLOWLY, reminding myself that its only rain. My supplies were tucked in tons of plastic bags so they were safe….I have the tendency to sit and knit with head down, so focused on the task at hand, that I’m not looking up, and out, and observing the world around me enough. I need to start going to the park to knit, to a coffee house, I need to be more mindful of the precious gifts of random beauty and simplicity that can get easily overlooked by just being in a self absorbed rush.

photoHolly sent me this pic of her little one squeezing his bear. This is why I do this, remember? The big smiles on small faces is always the reason I do this. Its something as simple as a teddy bear, but means so much more….So much more….I mean look at that squeeze! Look at how much love he has for his new friend.Β  Brings a touch of a tear to my eyes. πŸ™‚

I still have no shipping on my bears, at least through the rest of today and tomorrow, still trying to finish getting rent together, so if you’d like to adopt one of my little bears, click here to adopt one.

And don’t forget to smile at the simple preciousness that exists all around you. πŸ™‚




  1. its the difference between living an surviving, I know times can get tough and surviving is good but you must also remember to live! I love standing in the warm rain. sat not knitting in my garden, or even walking with no aim in mind.

  2. Wonderful story, very heartwarming. Gotta love the photo of that little guy hugging his new bear so tightly. I’m going to do exactly the same thing with my beautiful emerald green bear when it gets here. Still trying to find a good name for him though. Anybody have any good names to suggest for a bright green bear?

      1. Oh yes, that’s a wonderful suggestion, thank you! I had been thinking of Leprechaun, but that’s a bit long and maybe Patty (after St. Patrick), but yours is even better.

  3. One of the most adorable things: ducklings following their mama. Since the weather has gotten nice here I’ve made a point of going to a park to crochet on my lunch hour. It’s recharging and very zen. In fact, a few weeks ago there was a flower in front of me in a raised bed; I snapped a photo of it with my phone and made it my wallpaper. Now whenever I check my phone I’m reminded of the peace and tranquility I felt when I was in that place. Good for you for recognizing that we can’t keep our heads down all the time. πŸ™‚

  4. Well said. I was very much like you until a few weeks ago. I was walking three dogs while picking up the mail. I got to the stoop and they ran every which way tangling me up like a bad movie scene so I just sat down. There we sat on the stoop, all the dogs calmed down and sat too. We stayed there for about an hour and watched all the birds come by. Never realized how many different types we had. I’ve been making it a point of going out to sit with the dogs on the stoop everyday now for at least a half hour to just decompress. It’s soul saving.

    Also shoot me an email if you are interested in some acrylic yarn. I have amassed a stash that may consume my house and the entire town if I don’t pair it down some, and I can only knit and crochet so fast. I’d be glad to stuff a flat rate box or two of some worsted weight and ship it to you, if you provide an address you would like it sent to.

  5. Two wonderful stories compressed into one blog post. I am in LOVE with the photo of the little boy squeezing that teddy bear. It brought a tear to my eye as well. I would love to see a mother duck with her ducklings. I know that was such a blessing. I’m reminded, over the craziness of my last few weeks of working all nighters over and over again, I need to sit on my front porch and do some crocheting with my pooches, too. They love it when I come out with them, all gathered around my feet while I stitch away in the peacefulness of my “out in the boonies” country house. Thanks once again Gregory for another poignant post. πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to get my bear. hehe

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