The Well Traveled Bear

hidacfgdSo, let’s start with the quick bits. I want to wish all of my internet Mamas a belated Mother’s Day. There are so many of you that off the top of my head I come up with names and names and names and if I gave all of you a shout out, I’d run out of space ๐Ÿ™‚ I wouldn’t achieve anything, emotionally, spiritually, nor physically without all ofย  you and your support. Your concern, your care, the genuine feeling of comfort you show me is always the first thing I think of in the day. You make me feel like a special man, like a blessed man. For, if all things in life were to suddenly be mounted as awards and accolades, I’d have an overabundance of love. Now, I had a quick conversation with someone who told me that you could never have an overabundance of love, and all I could respond with was, “Well, of course you can. You just have to be mindful to pass on the love that spills over….” So, my gift to all of my internet Mamas is to pass on all the love that you show me in any way, in any form that I can. Thank you, ladies. Thank you for everything you’ve given me.

Now, I love getting pics of my bears when they get to their new homes. I LOVE seeing them clutched and held and squeezed. And I love when they make their way to wonderful places like Australia, Switzerland, England….and now, back to Berlin. As some of you read in my book, “Mad Man Knitting-or-The Waiter and the Fly,” I went to high school in Berlin. So, it was so great to see this lovely little bear I made for Amanda make its way around the city. Brought back such wonderful memories of me being a ridiculous youth exploring and enjoying life in one of the most fascinating cities every to have had boundaries. So, I wanna see more! I wanna see your bear on tour! I wanna see him at your local grocery store! At your kid’s soccer game! I wanna see your bear in your city. I wanna see him mindfully experiencing the great things your city has to offer. No matter how small or grand. Your little town has the most famous BBQ joint? I’d love to see a pic of him outside the restaurant, waiting to mow down on pulled pork and ribs, baked beans and potato salad (I’m obviously craving BBQ). Live in Manhattan? Let’s see him at your favorite deli!

I wanna do a series of blogs about YOUR bears. I wanna do this WONDERFUL series of pieces about this skinny little man in a 10 by 20 studio knitting teddy bears that go all over the world, and the places they’ve gone, and they places they’ve been, the homes they now live in, the people’s lives they now touch. We’ll all get to see the vastness of the world, but the close connection between each of us, with simple photos of teddy bears in our daily humdrum.

imagejpeg_2So, I’m starting with these two pics. One is of Amanda and her bear in Berlin. LOVE IT! And the other is of my friend Timothy Richards, whose bear arrived on just the right day. You see, his friend was feeling rough, beat up a little, and as he opened the box, his friend was delighted to see the bear, fell in love. And out of good instinct, and kindness, Timothy gave the bear to her promptly and told her she should have it, snapped a pic and sent it to me. Looks like that little bear made her day just perfectly special and real. I love the clutching, the squeeze, the story….

And by all means, don’t have your own bear? Then click here.



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  1. I can’t wait to snap some pics of our bear when he arrives! He’s going to have Canadian citizenship (he can keep his U.S. one if he so chooses and have dual citizenship, like my husband). Seriously though, I can’t wait for my son (turning 4 next month) to give him a big squeeze. You are giving such kindness to this world, I don’t think we can help but love and respect you. If I ever win the lottery, you’ll be at the top of my list. ๐Ÿ™‚

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