Thunder Squares

If you could sit along side me right now, you’d be experiencing one of the most insane lightning storms you’ve ever seen or heard in your life. The strikes are so close, you can feel the hair on your arms twitch a bit and rise with static electricity. I had forgotten how beautifully Gothic these summer storms can be. Every year from late May to early August, we get these intense, and I do mean INTENSE lightning storms every day at promptly around 5pm. Cold air from the Atlantic meets warm air from the Gulf of Mexico smack on top of Central Florida producing these symphonic and dramatic screams of thunder, these brilliant slits of electric strikes slicing the air….This is the lightning capitol of America. And you can nearly set your watch by the thunderstorms. They are violent, aggressive…but, when its all over, so goes the heat….the air is cool and icy.

82It brings something out in me. Something akin to remembering that often mother nature strikes hard to make things happen. I mean, think of it, if we didn’t have these daily thunderstorms, this place wouldn’t be so pretty and green all year round. Sometimes the lightning will start fires….and again, mother nature comes along to burn up and strip out whats dead to allow new things to come forth. I love these storms. And while the storm is out trembling the weak hearted, frightening  some people,  Mario and I? Mario is sprawled on my bed enjoying the cool, wet breeze, and I’m sewing up an afghan. Yeah, don’t laugh, but that’s my bed: a simple mattress on the floor…with a loyal black cat gone “SPLAT” right on the edge of it 🙂

photoFor the better part of the year, I’ve been using these scrap pieces of yarn from Lionbrand’s Amazing collection to work up an afghan. And I’m almost hours away. Now, this isn’t something I’ve worked on daily, this is one of those things were I was waiting to get my supplies for teddy bears, had a spare few minutes and would do a round of granny squares. For the last few weeks, Kara would come over and visit and put an edging of purple on my squares, and weave in the ends, while I was working up teddy bears. Today? Today we finished all the blocking and layout, taking this photograph to show which squares would go where. So, that’s my evening. I thought I would go ahead and put it up for sale, for when I put up something that’s one of a kind, it goes INSANELY fast.

photo2Now, my bed is a full size mattress on the floor, and once I finish sewing this piece (just a few hours from now), it looks like it will cover the face of a full size bed. It has this remarkably interesting vintage look to it, and since I used the pieces from Amazing, there really is no pattern, and therefore, can never ever be reproduced again. This is a one in a lifetime. So, I’d like to go ahead and put it up for a home. This requires a special person to buy it, I mean, with these colors, these lush and plush purples and greens with hints of turquoise and rust, and this sort of retro feel, this blanket belongs to JUST the right person and I thought I’d go ahead and seek that lovely one out right now. After all, the funds will help immensely, and will allow me another leg up on rent for next month, more supplies for teddy bears, and greater deeper peace of mind. Click here if you’d like it, OH! and if you think the price isn’t appropriate, let me know! I’ll adjust.

DSC_1162Don’t need a crazy retro afghan? Then you can always order a teddy bear to help out. And EVERY bit helps.



  1. Looks great! I remember living on a mattress on the floor , still regarded as one of the happiest times in my life. Granny afghan are so satisfying they work up quick and look great with a variegated yarn like this one.
    The storm in Savannah was noisy but not as menacing .
    Have a great week!

  2. Mario looks like my Kuddles. Not sure why my grandkids named her that, since she isn’t the cuddly type. She hides when loud thunder clashes overhead, or crawls in bed with me in the middle of the night, looking for comfort. Your afghan is beautiful and will bring comfort to it’s owner. I think it will look nice in a young ladies room with the bright colors. Hope you make many more with the scraps you collect and they will sell well for you.

  3. too late to even see it! meh I am awaiting a lovely brown bear, and whats odd about a mattress on the floor, I sleep better on mine than I do on a bed one, have done for over 20 years!

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