So I got one of those little email alerts from Pinterest. “Post your favorite BBQ recipe.” You know I don’t have a television, so I watch anything I’m going to see online. On one of my Hulu shows I was watching while knitting, I saw a grand Memorial Day Sale advertised by a major retailer. Then when I was heading out to get some supplies earlier today, someone asked me what I had planned for Memorial Day. “Going to a pool party?” And I truly do love the little Google placement on their homepage of the drawing done by a little girl running to her father to embrace him….but.


That add is beautifully more appropriate on Veteran’s Day, beautifully perfect for the admiration and support for those who risk their lives to defend our Constitution, our rights, our way of life.

Memorial Day is a different issue. And to some degree, Memorial Day should be held in higher regard….for Memorial Day is when we acknowledge the one’s we didn’t get to hug….because they didn’t come back. This is a day where we should truly remind ourselves of those who put their lives on the line, didn’t ask for anything for in return, and left us to never return. They selflessly died so that we may enjoy the privileges and powers that are given to us by our citizenship. They are gone, paying with their lives the idea that we will always ALWAYS remember that this grand society we have is protected, served, and died for by volunteers, by men and women who fought for our way of life….without ever being asked….and who never came home to a hug, but to a funeral instead, to a burial.

So, I beg of you this Memorial Day weekend: please take a moment while having a pool party, while barbequing in your back yard, while swilling beer and buying something at half off, that this weekend should be given a little more credence, a touch more respect.

For, none of us, not a damned head of hair on any of us, would have the right, the ability, nor the fortune to pursue our Great American Life if it not were for those who paid for it…..without being asked. None of them, who never returned alive, would have wanted anything more than for us to have this way of life….Without being asked for praise. But, we do owe them memorial.

I truly want you to enjoy your weekend at the onset of summer. Just do me a favor….For every moment of joy and laughter you have with friends….think of those who made it possible by paying for it with their lives.

God bless our departed troops.



    1. Well said! And thank you for saying it…. I’m a Mom-in-law to an active duty soliders… your words were perfect.

  1. ‘thankyou’ never seems enough when they have given all -sending prayers for healing to all the families who have lost loved ones and THANK YOU to all.

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