The Rich Man’s Teddy Bear

IMG_5668Just a short while back I posed the question to many of you: “Should I charge more for my teddy bears to help me get out of my financial troubles?”

There were quite of you who, thankfully, offered your opinion and your ideas. With my financial situation what it is, charging more for the bear seemed to me like the most appropriate thing to do. But, something kept tugging at me that told me not to. I didn’t want to price myself out of business (and business has been slow), and more importantly, I didn’t like the idea of my teddy bear being accessible to only a few. I don’t want my teddy bears to be “exclusive.” Coveted, yes. But, I want them available to anyone who wants one. Never do I want to hear that my teddy bear is great and adorable….but that someone couldn’t afford him. These bears are about hope, love, clutching, strength, determination, and companionship. The same ideas and issues that WE ALL struggle with, or yearn for. Those tender, sometimes painful feelings shouldn’t be thwarted by only those with financial means.

So, I decided NOT to raise the price of my bears. I just can’t do it. Face it, I’ll never be a rich man knitting these little guys, but its never been about that, really. Its about what they mean to YOU when you pick him up and hold him, and when you place him in bed with your little one, or when you tuck him on a shelf to keep watch over you. Its about that, not about becoming a rich man. If I’m blessed, then my writing will make me a few more dollars than I have right now. And I’ve often said that one day, my greatest goal was to be a philanthropist….and at THAT point, I wouldn’t have to charge anything for my teddy bears. They would simply go to homes that need them. Wouldn’t that be amazing? That I could actually spend the time I had giving these teddy bears to empty arms in desperate need of something to hold? Hopefully, one day. But, for now? As long as I can sell one bear a day, I’m inclined to think all is well in the world. One bear a day keeps me in a home, keeps the lights on, keeps food in Mario’s belly, a little left over (I’m saving up to buy a bike so I can get to the post office and supermarket much quicker so that I can dash back home and knit), and the occasional book found at a thrift store. So, one bear a day, and all is well in the world. And with that? Then I am definitely a rich man already.

This is isn’t my teddy bear, this is OUR teddy bear. He belongs to our whole human community, with the weight of loneliness and pain, fear and doubt lifted away by the simple squeeze of his plush little body.

If you’d like to adopt one, click here.



  1. One of these days I am going to buy one of your bears. They are very precious indeed and I wish I were a rich woman, I would buy one for every single person who lost so much in the Oklahoma tragedy! I will pray for you so you can get your bike. I have great faith and not a lot of worldly things. Thanks for your writing. I read it daily just can’t always get over to comment.

  2. Could you please, please put your donate button up again? Have I told you lately that you are amazingly awesome? You are!!

  3. I second the donate button, I make ends meet and have some fun money if I am lucky and I like to use it to either get me or get others it, so make an amazon wish list of wool, or even a local yarn store where we can make sure you have your knitting needs met! (or even a food store 😉 ) so we can help you the way your helping us!

  4. The world needs more loving hearts like yours. But I believe that the invisible world steps in to help when we assume responsiblity for ourselves. Your sweetness is precious on our planet, but softness needs the balance of animal fierceness to defend its health, home and young.

    This is a not a question of food or vaccinations for poor children. How do you know cheap people are not buying your bears to stock as gifts or resell? How do you know people would not pay more with joy? Wealth needs to be circulated and I think you should be willing to accept as well as give.

    Why not have two “tracks” for your work? People who send an explanation about needing a low price, get it.. Other, honest and prosperous ones get the relief of paying a fair, respectful price.

    I knit, I sew, I know how long handwork takes. If you were doing this work for this price in a third world country, we would all be angry and signing petitions to save you and make sure you were treated with dignity.

  5. I hope you got the order for my bear, I would love for you to give it to someone/anyone that you want that you think needs a teddy bear in their life, spread a little bit of joy around 🙂
    I think you need a location where people can send wool if they aren’t using it anymore and then you can make more blankets to help you getting rent, food and more wool money, I’m sure a lot of people who knit would be glad to send you any leftovers and you could make some amazing things!

  6. I’m one of the few who can’t afford the bears you make yet, and since I can crochet and knit I did buy your patterns! One of these days I’ll pull myself and kids out of this financial dip so that we all can have a bear and bunny made with your love and hope to hug or troubles away. I may not be able to pay full price now but stand that you should not lower the prices! I crochet on the side when I’m not working to make ends meet and I know how much work goes into those bears. I will keep sending positive energy your way that you♥ keep making your own ends meet as well! )O( BB

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