A Bear Finds a Home

photo10A few days ago I heard on the news about a bear in a tree in Downtown Orlando. Now, people might think it odd that a bear would be found in a metropolitan area, let alone Florida, but its quite common. Downtown Orlando is actually a very green and lush area, filled with old oaks and sprawling parks, with the occasional sky scraper thrown in. So, its not uncommon for the bears that live in the surrounding areas to kinda get lost, and wander into the city. I was terrified of what might happen to the bear considering the county tried to kill the little puppy Rufus last month (if you remember), but I was very happy to hear that the Fish and Wildlife people decided that they were going to leave the bear alone and let him find his way home on his own. If he gets aggressive, they’ll take him out with a tranquilizer and relocate him. But, they wanted the bear to find his way home by his own devices. So, God willing, the bear will come down out of his tree and slip out of downtown as quietly as he slipped in and all will be well.

photo12Then my beautiful friend Brandyce at Lionbrand sent me a skein of some LOVELY yarn called “Homeland.” Loved its deep rich chocolate and hints and flecks of Golden Honey and went right to work on a bear. And as I was knitting, watching the colors come to life, watching the little eyes come to life, watching his subtle smile form quietly against that deep chocolate brown, I was wondering what I would call this bear.

As many of you know, I name my bears around situations, or moments that I’ve thought about, meditated on while knitting. I don’t give them names, I give them emotions. So, as the last stitches of this bear were sewn up I kept thinking on the word “home.” The bear in the tree finding his way home…..the name of the skein, Homeland….and the idea that this home I have, this little apartment I have, wouldn’t have been possible without you. I don’t have a place to live, I have a proper HOME in not only these four adorable walls, but in your hearts, and in your thoughts. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

I want to make this bear a touch more special because of that. I’m going to make him limited edition. 20 only. Signed and numbered. So, if you’d like to adopt one, if you’d like to find this special bear a home, then click here.



  1. It’s strange… I am currently working and living abroad from my home, but I still go back every 5-6 weeks or so, on the surface to check that all is ok, no leaky pipes etc, but really to reconnect with my home, my space. Even though I have a place here (in Amsterdam) which is lovely, and good friends, etc, there’s nothing like driving up to my own place back in Scotland.. the sounds and smells tell me I’m home.
    So when I read your story about the bear, and the whole theme of home, it struck a chord in me.. that invisible tether to where your soul wants to be.. so how could I not buy a ‘bear who has found a home’
    You inspire as always. x

  2. There is always room in my heart for a sweety like this, I would argue that we all need loves and this bear is just a lovey! can’t wait to get him! but don’t rush, make him just right, and with love. I shall give him a Home!

  3. But I just purchased a bunny! And now I want this bear also! I’m starting to get quite a collection, Gregory! Where am I going to put them all? I’m trying to downsize, not gather more items….. Alright, there’s room for one more!.

  4. Hey Gregory 🙂 I thought you’d like to know that Leo (the bear you made for my son a few years ago) is the “buddy” (I just learned today that this is what adolescents call their lovies) he chose to take on his summer adventure – my three guys are taking a road trip out west to see the sights. I will encourage him to take pics of Leo’s adventures. Yours is the gift that keeps on giving! I imagine him sharing Leo with a child of his own one day… Thank you. xo

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