A Bear Finds a Home Part II

photo12So, this was the limited edition bear I am working on. I was only going to do 20 of them and then retire him for good. Kinda makes him unique and special in many ways. Especially since only 20 of them will be running about the world. So, with only five more to go, I thought I’d push to get them all adopted today. Celebrate solstice, ya’ll! And give a teddy bear a home! photo10



  1. I was just looking at this lovely, and thought I saw a top- knotch! Turned out to be the grape stems behind…but I bet one of your bears would look great with one! You are just such a talented guy!

  2. I suggested your bear pattern to someone on Ravelry today, which reminded me how inspiring your story is. I intended to buy a few copies as random gifts, but you don’t have your patterns available as ravelry downloads anymore, which prevents me from doing it. I have a sad. Bring them back to ravelry! You can easily have them available to buy both places!

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