Is 1,000 a Record???

I was going through my notes. I think I that if I haven’t already, then I am very close to having hand knit nearly 1,000 bears since February of 2011. I keep doing the math over and over in my head and on a scratch piece of paper, but it certainly does round about to 1,000. I can’t believe that….1,000 teddy bears.

1,000 teddy bears…..and counting.

I’m gonna hunt down to see if there is a record out there for hand knit teddy bears. And I could go postal receipt by postal receipt to see how far many bears I’m off, but still its more than 900.

photo12Still have this little guy who is a limited edition about to be sold out, if anyone cares to adopt him.


I’m…dude, I’m stunned.

1,000 and counting…..Yeah!




  1. Well done, my mother knitted bears but smaller than yours but last count was over 10K but she could do more than one a day! and sent them to charities for children.
    she also has been knitting them for more than 12 years, used to send them off twice a year in batches of 1000, somewhere I have pics, but hers are all in one, knit from feet, legs, body and head then back to body then legs and feet and sew up sides and add arms! this is what they are like 🙂 so no competition to your fabulous bears 😉 I am enjoying your book at the moment on my ereader! Knowing you escaped the situation doesn’t help when you read about you in that situation… keep well and hope your plants are growing, my peas drowned and just when I was writing off this summers chance, a friend gave me 4 pea plants! so pleased!

    1. 10,000??? ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? Ruan!!!! I’m be checking out the link shortly! Sorry to hear about your peas….I am having a heartbreaking difficulty actually thinning out my okra. I know I’m supposed to, but they all look healthy to me! Why do I have to sacrifice some???? Can’t wait for my little bear to get to you in Scotland… I can’t WAIT to see that pic!

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