So, I checked into Ravelry the other day and saw the most amazing thing. Now, keep in mind, I don’t really go to Ravelry often, only because I get lost in there quickly. Its a great site! WOnderful site! I just get lost int he lay out.

IMG_0743_medium2While I was there I saw some amazing pics of bunnies that people had done off of my pattern.

IMG_0720_medium2Look how cool some of these are! I was impressed! Greatful! I mean, it IS a simple pattern. So, with the end of the month expenses looming, I thought I’d push my teddy bear pattern a little more. I’m actually hoping to sell 20 of them today. That would get me closer to my end of the month madness. And I mean, $2.50 for a pattern is way crazy cheap. So, for all you knitters out there, while I’m working up teddy bears on my end, you can work them up on your end! And we can be  flooding the world, side by side, with an army of furry huggables 🙂

full_2120_4407_TheTeddyBearThatSavedMePatern_1$2.50. Cheap! Click here to see my patterns!



  1. I love your patterns, I have the bear and some wool ready for when I get time! sadly I never seem to get decent knitting time at the moment! 😦
    keep up the good work.

  2. Gregory, talk to me when you have the pattern transferred to crochet. Until then, I’ll leave the knitting to you!

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