Nuts And Independence

Noticing I’ve been a little down lately, Kara took me on a little field trip. If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you know how much I truly love boiled peanuts. I’m insist that you should not ever, under any circumstance, eat them out of a can or a bag. They have to be fresh from green peanuts just pulled out of the dirt. That’s why  I only get to enjoy them in the summertime. However, it seems no one in Orlando had green peanuts. No one. But Kara said, “I think Clemen’s Produce on Curry Ford has them.”


So, we took the little drive over to this amazing little produce market, family owned, full of fresh in season vegetables, clean and well organized and beautifully displayed. And there, just near the front was a big huge bin full of green peanuts. I dove right in, picking through them and choosing the right ones. Now, at $2 a pound, I couldn’t afford much. And a pound of peanuts won’t last a sitting. As I stood there with my skimpy bag, Kara piped up with, “I know how much you love them. Go ahead and grab a few more pounds. I’ll get your peanuts for you.” So, we walked out with 6 pounds of peanuts, drove back, and I spent the evening boiling a pound for myself to enjoy. Mercy, I do so love them. DEEE-licious, I tell you. So, my yearly tradition of spending the summer chowing down on boiled peanuts has begun. And I’m going to enjoy as many of them as I can before the season is over.

I’ve had to pull back on selling my teddy bears while I get caught up for a little bit, which is a bad catch 22 for me, because if I don’t sell any teddy bears, I don’t make ay money. I’m trying not to sell many more bears until some other ones have been caught up. Its gotten to the point where Kara comes over, drops off some food for me, and we rush to the post office….wait FOREVER in line….the dash back, where she drops me off and I get back to work. So, its a daily thing attempting to push out 2 to 3 and get them all caught up. So, I’m in this pickle of needing to sell more bears, but not able to take on any more orders, and in the meantime watching no income. Kara has been good about helping me keep food stocked. If something is buy one get one free, she’ll give the second one. She’ll buy some lettuce, some produce, and give me half of it. And for her, I am forever grateful. But, if you like my blog, if you like my writing, if you like coming over here to spend some time with me on occassion, then perhaps you could help out a touch. I’m hoping to have all of my current orders out within the next 2 weeks. But, if you are able to pitch a few pennies into my yarn bowl, I’d be forever grateful.

See? I don’t need much. A pound of boiled peanuts and a few close friends. I have to think that the only thing I haven’t claimed independence from is poverty. But, I’ll get there. I fight enough to stay alive. I rely on my little teddy bears. And my little teddy bears will be alright one day.

You just have to keep fighting, keep hoping, and praying that this will mean something much greater one day.


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  1. Never had boiled peanuts! but I am partial to beef dripping sandwiches 🙂 which is basically cold lard spread on bread! but has to be from your own roast and I rarely get time and the money for a beef joint, esp with three teens to feed! Nice when I do! I have just been and bought your other patterns so I am now the proud owner of your bunny and xmas bear patterns, still have little to no time but the summer means I may get a chance to try it out! maybe! Mind you summer has been forgotten, my beans and peas gets lots of water, and I have had to move the pots into a sheltered part of my garden as the wind is blowing over 30 MPH and my bin just blew over.

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