Hunkering Down

We’re all a little edgy this weekend. At the time I write this, the Defense in the Zimmerman case is giving its closing arguments, the case probably in the jury’s hands this afternoon. Now, I don’t want to get into the arguments that have split this country on racial lines at this time, I truly don’t. I wanted to make mention of the preparations those of us in Central Florida are being asked to make BY THE POLICE.

The police are preparing for riots, despite what the verdict will be. But, expect the riots to become massive if the Zimmerman case ends in acquittal. And I have to confess, the way the trial has been going, I wouldn’t be surprised if once the jury gets the case this afternoon, if they don’t come back with a verdict within an hour or so. So, here it is Friday afternoon, and we sit on the verdict that has many of us nervous.

So, my plan is quite simple. George’s surgery isn’t until Monday morning. So, I don’t need to go over there for anything. I’m planning to go to the store and get some food and supplies, then come back home and lock my  front door and stay put for three days, in the very likely event that the verdict is read later today and that madness will over run Central Florida. I”m serious. I don’t plan to walk out of this little apartment AT ALL, FOR NO REASON once that verdict is read. I’ll sit here, hunker down, knit my little butt off and pray for peace to reign supreme.

So, I need to get some teddy bears sold. I took a couple of bucks off of postage to help out.

(fingers crossed that people remain calm…..)



  1. Sounds like a VERY SMART IDEA!!! I also hunker down on my farm when there are BIG EVENTS in the CITY or BIG STORMS!!! Let us pray for Justice to reign because only Travon, George and God know what REALLY happened….and pray for Peace in Florida and ALL of the world!

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