This One’s For the Ladies

dsc_0130 I never have to be reminded of my supporters. I have tons of you adorable dears that come close to my heart. And, although there quite a few fellas tossed in the mix (Michael A, here is your shout out! :), I realize that of the nearly 2,000 followers I have, the big heart that swells for me is a woman’s. I have moms and daughters, sisters and aunts, all of whom I have never met, but have adopted me as their son, their brother, their nephew. Yes, this is something of an adopted family, this brood on a blog that is a clan spending its time doing its best to make the world a better place, with smiles, with comfort, with kind words and reminders that the simple gestures of a glance, or the bright light of a “good morning” to a total stranger has unparalled effect.

So, I needed a bear to commemorate my ladies, my dears, my lovelies that have come rushing in from all points of the earth, all spots in between to keep this mad man alive; my adopted sisters and mothers that read this work of mine, that take hold of this blog, and as Trasi once said, “was like reading a letter from an old friend….” I could call you all out, but often decide not to, for fear I may leave someone out. You’ve all be so good to me in your own right by either helping me out financially to keep this alive, or by spending your time with me in emails (PEGGY! I’ll be writing back soon!). Sometimes some of you leave comments that are so heartfelt, that I feel moved to tears. I had no choice, I had to have a bear in my midst, in my little collection, in my own sort of army of lovers to let the world know what you mean to me.

Sometimes, its ok for my teddy bears to look like they were meant for a lady.

dsc_0129So, here you go. A pink cotton candy bear with white bow to boast. Measures 12 inches high, lightly machine washable. This one is for my lovely ladies. I love you gals 🙂

Click here to adopt.



  1. Aaawwww, he’s simply adorable! …. and so are you for your kind words. Thank you so much for making this very special bear for us and keep on keepin’ on. From one of your adoptive “big sisters”. Lucie in Canada’s capital

  2. Your bears are totally delightful and enchanting! I’ve gifted them to my daughters and can’t wait for the next order (for Mom and Sis!).

  3. I ordered a pink lady and this time it’s for me 🙂 I love all thinks pink and I am going to name her Talia in honor of little angel Talia Joy Castellano who passed away yesterday after a lot battle with cancer. Thanks so much! Cindi

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