Here a Bear, There a Bear

Gregory Patrick Teddy Bear HugI love getting these pictures of my little bears. Believe it or not, they’re one of those little things that I see in my inbox that picks me up just when I need it. I mean, some of these bears of mine have taken some serious road trips. But, I have to say, I especially love the pics of someone squeezing their teddy bear. Now, Peggy sent me this pic of her friend Tiger clutching this little bear of mine. Now, the bear is actually for Peggy’s son, but wanted to the friends in her crochet circle to see it first. She wrote to me that one of her friends said the coolest thing, “He looks so REAL.” LOL! I love that. Yes, indeed. It is a REAL teddy bear. Go ahead! Touch him!

george1Joan sent me her little bear in Maine. She took him out to a restaurant for Father’s Day dinner with the rest of her clan. First of all, I had no IDEA how beautiful Maine was until I saw this picture. GORGEOUS, I tell ya. Just GORGEOUS. But, I love the idea that the bear was taken along to a family outing. Now, that’s just…..I don’t know. Pure. When I was a kid, I didn’t have a teddy bear. I had an E.T. doll made of fake leather and stuffed with the same crazy beans they put in bean bags. The little thing was horrendous, atrocious looking, down right so ugly he was cute…..but, I took that little thing with me EVERYWHERE.

KLM2293Then, here is Brianne’s bear in Canada, sitting comfortably on a chair in her yarn shop. Awesome….AWESOME. He looks just where he should be in a yarn shop, doesn’t he? When I’ve been into yarn shops, I’ve seen all sorts of great projects to promote yarns, but I have to say, I don’t recall having seen a knit teddy bear in a yarn shop before. I think its a sign of good things to come.

I’m hoping more of you will be adopting your own teddy bears soon. QUITE soon. I’d like to get three under my belt today. I got one of those shameful notices that says if my past due electric isn’t paid by 5pm on the 17th, it’ll be shut off. I hate those notes. They come in a COMPLETELY different envelope than their usual bills, so everyone can see, “Oh, dang. Gregory hasn’t paid his light bill.” So, three bears will cover it, so I’m pushing to get at least bears adopted by 5 today.

Now, I do have some other good news to talk about before I go. There is a rather impressive baby store in Manhattan that has asked me if I’d be interested in selling an exclusive bear in their shop on consignment. What do you think I said? “Hell, yes.” This could be a great opportunity for me. A GREAT opportunity. So, I need to design a bear just for their shop, send it along, and wait for them to see if they’ll carry it. I thought I’d ask YOU! What it should look like?  So, cross your fingers that this deal will work out. But, in the meantime, PLEASE adopt a teddy bear or two….or three.







  1. Congratulations on your good news………… look at those bears and I can see why – anxiously awaiting mine !!!

  2. For the baby store: a pastel blue & pastel pink bear. For those who like a surprise, they use yellow & light green.
    Or do a beautiful cream/white bear with exchangeable ribbons around the neck in whatever color they like.

  3. How about a pastels variegated bear? Using that super soft baby blanket yarn… (I don’t have any yarn skills, I just like to feel the skeins lol)

  4. I can’t wait to get my bear either! I bet he’ll look even cooler in person than the picture. A picture will follow for sure….

  5. maybe they already have an idea as to what they would like– I liked my varigated bear and think the idea of changing the ribbons.could be good… the way have you considered talking to local gift stores in hospitals where folks always seem to head for a last minute gift on the way up to a new mom/babe or a chaild in need

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