The Protective Bear

dsc_0759So, George is at home recuperating from his knee replacement surgery just fine. He’s hobbling about with the use of a walker and I’ve been picking on him, telling him he’s actually moving faster with the walker than he was before his surgery. (Which is actually kinda true). I went over to check on him yesterday, and was pleased to see that he was not at a loss for company. He had quite the crowd coming in and out to make sure he was ok. It was a good feeling seeing the old man has so many friends who wish him well.

Kara has gone down to the Keys for a week to spend time with her family and have some fun. I pick on Kara, too. I call her “aunt Kara” because when she gets around family, she’s handed over TONS of little toddlers and young ones, all nieces and nephews, all of them clambering to spend time with her, screaming her name when she enters a room, “aunt Kara!”

So, while George recovers and courts his fans, and with Kara away, I’m pretty much alone for the week, which isn’t so terrible. Its weird to think about in a strange way. My friends are my protection, my line of defense, they shield me from the worst of my enemies: loneliness.

dsc_0728So, this bear is in honor of that line of defense needed when no one is able to come to your aid, the protective bear who battles the hardships of isolationism and sadness, a bear to beat down frowns, a hugely soft bear easily clutched in moments of loneliness. He’s made of Lionbrand’s Heartland line and all though the picture doesn’t quite do it justice, his color is that of golden wheat speckled with hints of honey. I made this bear once before when I was alone on the island, and I thought….definitely time to bring him back. There are some lonely hearts out there in need of a plush one to love.

To adopt him, click here.


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