Bears Make Everything Better

So I’ve been spending a lot of time over at George’s house, helping him with his recovery. Now, I was under the impression that George was having BOTH knees replaced at the same time. I was way off. No, he’s going to have the second leg done once the first one heals. I’m not sure why, but I don’t ask such things. But, with what I’ve seen while I’ve been over there, I can’t IMAGINE what he would be going through right now had he gone ahead and done both knees. But, with the situation what it is, he’ll be recovering from this surgery, then the next until DECEMBER. That’s right, he’s out on medical leave from work until DECEMBER. Wow.

It was hard to see him the first day. You know, I used to live in George’s house. For seven years, as a matter of fact. I know how to break in through the back gate, and he asked me to, saying he couldn’t quite get up to get to the front door to unlock it. So, I wiggled the latch on the gate, bent the fence back, his little dog came running around the corner with protective barking, but upon seeing me began doing his little happy dance on his two hind legs.

I walked in through the back door, peeled back into the back of the house and found George laying in bed. I think we all know how horrible people look after surgery, but the poor man looked miserable. He asked, “Do you plan on going to the grocery store anytime soon?” I replied, “If I sell a few more bears, I’m gonna go run up and grab some groceries. What do you need?” He said simply, “A ton of chicken pot pies. That way I don’t have to stand at the stove and cook. They’re easy. Pop ’em in the oven and eat.”

I wasn’t having any part of that. “Dude. You relax here. I’ll go make you something to eat.” I peeled in his pantry and fridge and found an entire supermarket worth of food. I got to work right away. I made him cuban style black beans, defrosted a ham, made some roasted potatoes, sauteed some squash and zuchini with tomatoes and onions and did the whole lot in one big batch. I then portioned everything out onto plates, wrapped them up, and put them in the fridge. I went back to his room and found him asleep. So, I left a little not telling him he had 5 meals ready to go. Just nuke in the microwave and enjoy.

The next morning I went back to make him an omellete. I make a really good omelette šŸ™‚ By Friday he was out of his room and moving about the house with the use of a walker. I helped him out with some things around the house, helping to water plants, fold his laundry, little things like that. But, as I was leaving he asked, “so soon?”

“Why, is there something else you need? Just let me know, I can get it done before i go.”

“Well, I love you coming over to cook some food for me, and help me out….but, I really enjoy just having you around.”

“I’m sorry, man. I’m busy trying to knit up teddy bears and take care of you.”

“Well, bring your knitting over here and work! I really do appreciate all of your help, but I think I need the company….”

“You got it.”

So Saturday I came back with my needles. Made him another omelette, and he laid on the couch, and I in a chair and we got stuck watching Food Network all day. The rains came and I dunno….it just happens. We both just passed out and napped in our respective spots. After a nice long 8 hour day over there, it was time for me to take my leave. But, not before asking him if I could use his phone to take a picture. This is the funny bit.

“What do you wanna take a picture of?”

I produced a bear for him that Michael A adopted to help George recover. “I wanna take a pic of you and your bear.” He laughed and smiled and said “Oh, wow. That is too cute. That little bear is too cute. I feel better already.”

“Yay! Good! I plan to put the pic on my blog.”

“On your what???”

“Yeah, on my blog.”

“How many people will see it?”

“Maybe 3,000?”

“Give me a minute…..”

IMG_2826I’ve never seen someone disabled move so fast. Bam! Into his bedroom to find a pair of shorts to wear! BAM! Scurrying around the house to look for his ballcap! BAM! Making sure he had his teeth in! BAM! Checking which part of the room had the best lighting! “I’m not gonna let you take a picture of me until I look at least halfway decent.” So, I got the shot. A pic of the old man enjoying his teddy bear. I haven’t seen him smile like that in a long time. Yes, bears do make everything better.

Kara and I went to the market today to grab him some fruit. Bananas and peaches. He’s not eating enough fresh fruit and vegetables. I’m heading back over there tomorrow to help with his pool. The filter is clogged and leaves are turning it into a pond.

A 15 year friendship that has been complete fights and family reunions, smashed coffee cups, and camping trips. Its nice to be told that your help means alot, but your friendship means so much more. I thought I was gonna cry.

You know whats funny? I inadvertently made for him, “I’ll Be Your Bear When You Need Me.” Must have been my subconscious talking….

Please, PLEASE adopt a teddy bear soon.



  1. It is amazing what a good friend can do for the sick and for the caregiver. You are a great friend and caregiver! I love the fact the his little bear made him just that much better. I cannot wait to get my special bear!

  2. Friends don’t fit one size or mold, you just have them and when you miss them its like a colour is missing from your day! So nice to hear of such a friendship between you.

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