What a Bear Buys…

photo bearsBeen busy busy busy getting teddy bear orders filled. Up when I am, sleep when I can, and all time inbetween is spent knitting. I’m thankful for that. If I didn’t knit, I wouldn’t eat. George has now progressed to the use of a cane and is thankfully walking more, and with a better stride, so he doesn’t require so much of my assistance anymore. With running around town and getting errands done, yes, but not his daily life. Kara took him a pan of lasagne, and brought me some extra left over (*YUM!), and tomorrow I’m going to head over to his place, do some laundry, use some of his AC (no, I don’t have AC), and get some more work done. But, while Kara was here, she took a picture of this huge box of bears I’ve been working on. These are all yours. YOUR bears. I knit one up, stuff his little tummy, then put him in the box. Just waiting to get some boxes so I can ship them all out. But, as I was working them all up, I was truly working out in my head what each of these bears means on a financial level. I broke down what each of these bears is able to provide.

Now, last month was a disaster. I sold roughly 10 bears. Horrible. HORRIBLE. Which means rent is late, beans are my sustenance. It has been worse, but it has to get better. IT MUST get better. The delay time is being dented away and things are starting to get right back on track, with me being something of a hermit and spending each possible waking minute working up these little guys. I didn’t shave for a week. I looked a real fright.

So, the bears are on their way, but in spite of that, I need more bears in my que. I need more sales. I need to pay rent. Food I can get as leftovers from friends, I’m ok with that. (Because Kara REALLY is a good cook). But, rent must be paid by the end of the weekend, and bears must be made….so PLEASE adopt a bear.

10 bears pays my rent. 3 bears buys groceries for Mario and I for a month. 3 bears pays the electric bill. 1 bear pays for boxes. 1 more bear pays for the internet…..

image rose….but, more importantly 1 bear buys someone a lifetime of happiness and smiles. (Thanks for the pic Judith!) Please keep this dream of mine alive. Please adopt a teddy bear….soon!

Alright. I’ve got some of Kara’s lasagne, a full stash of yarn, a pot of coffee ready to go, and I’ve got my reliable Golden Girls episodes downloaded on my laptop…..It’s gonna be one awesome night of knitting til dawn. 🙂

I can do this!




  1. my husband died of stomach cancer almost 4 years ago, leaving myself and our 5 year old son penniless! You inspire me, you’ve touched my heart, and yes, im adopting a bear..for ME, my son is now 8 and is “too big” for teddy bears….but not me! I hope my bear helps pay your rent! from my heart….thank you

  2. Never too old! I have just sent for a protective bear, I love your bears, and not only to I get a hand made with love bear but you get funds for living 🙂 win win for us both. (shh don’t tell my kids 😉 they may want to steal him)

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